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Should I even consider filing bankruptcy without an attorney?

I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 thousand dollars of dischargeable debt. I am college educated and usually able to logic my way out of a box. There are lots of online bankruptcy programs that would save me a considerable amount of money. But am I setting myself up for failure if I use an online program instead of an attorney?


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6 Responses to "Should I even consider filing bankruptcy without an attorney?"

  1. bmoviebimbo says:
    have you investigated how much it would cost to use an attorney for this? i filed about 10 years ago in the state of WA, and i don’t remember how much it cost, but it wasn’t too much. i had a similar amount of debt.
  2. Ciaran F says:
  3. sunshine says:
    With the new laws going on, it’s best to get a bankruptcy attorney..
    The new laws is making it harder to file by yourself..
  4. Jeramoo says:
    Typically, yes. At the very minimum you’re looking at a heck of a headache.

    Have some people done it and have it work out okay? Sure. The problem is you’re taking a heck of a gamble. Bankruptcy laws can be extremely complicated and if you goof up you’re on your own. Goof up bad enough and you’re going to have to pay a lawyer to sort out the mess.

  5. AngelK says:
    If I were you I would not risk filing for bankruptcy without an attorney. They are sure to discharge all your debts, and they do it right or you can sue them.

    Have you considered the damage to your credit for the next 10 years! You wont be able to buy anything, no matter what they tell you. You won’t even be able to get a credit card! You will have to pay thousands more to just buy a car. And the STIGMA of being a bankrupt person goes against you if you want a job, companies wont hire you!

    BE VERY CAREFUL, 20thou is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Really consider just calling all the vendors you owe money to and make arrangements to pay what little you can afford to each, instead of filing for bankruptcy, cause honestly, you will regret it in more ways then I can write down.

    Good Luck

  6. Sara J says:
    Hiring a bankruptcy attorney is a better option. Filing for bankruptcy is complicated and often confusing. By hiring a professional, you ensure that the correct paperwork is filed and that the process will go smoothly. A bankruptcy attorney can advise you about your options and rights.

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