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Should I file for bankruptcy?

Should I file for bankruptcy??????

I have over $50,000 in student loans. I have over $9,000 in Credit Cards. I have monthly rent, car payment, phone and utility bills and it’s hard to keep up, I work full-time and getting another job is not a possibly. ? Should I do it, and I know it hurts your credit, but I’m just making it by. I made two much to get “government support” however it is sometimes hard to buy food? Comments? my monthly bills nearly exceed my monthly income. p.s. i tried every which way with the student loans. they are private not federal so i’m stuck, i want you to comment on bankruptcy not student loan Solutions.


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2 Responses to "Should I file for bankruptcy?"

  1. stan c says:
    If they’re not federal loans, just contact a bankruptcy attorney and see what your options are. Usually the first visit is free.
  2. David M says:
    Looks like your biggest debt is your student loans which you cannot put into bankruptcy. So that option will most likely not work for you. What kind of education did you waste $50,000 on that did not equate to god paying job? Wrong field? Too much partying?

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