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Should I use a debt consolidation company?

I have a $501 debt I owe to Directv from 2005. I would like to settle with Directv and pay at least half of not less. My question is would it be in my best interest to speak directly with Directv’s collection dept. or go with the debt consolidation route?


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2 Responses to "Should I use a debt consolidation company?"

  1. Dippy D says:
    Which route you go depends on your other debts. Most debt consolidation companies require $2,000 – $10,000 in total debt.

    Any negotiations you can make on your own are better than going through debt consolidation, so it won’t hurt to contact your creditors and see what they’re willing to do for you.

  2. waldenconnor says:
    For that small of a balance, you really should just handle it yourself. It won’t be worth the fees or time of enrolling in a debt program.

    You should offer them 50% of the balance and see if they will agree to report it as settled in full. Good luck!

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