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Show & Tell: Occupy Wall St. Goals

Occupy Wall Street protesters have been accused of lacking any sort of coherent goals or solutions. Find out what kind of goals our viewers think should be added to the list. Now, we spoke about an idea that some economists are floating around massive debt relief, for the people. Since banks got bailed out, should taxpayers be forgiven their debts?


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25 Responses to "Show & Tell: Occupy Wall St. Goals"

  1. AffinityNetNews says:




    #OCCUPY THE WHORE MEDIA – Keeping you ignorant and enslaved with their lies !!! CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, NPR, BBC etc ..!!!

    #OCCUPY THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS !!! They run it all for the mega-Banksters !!!


  2. 8peregrint8 says:
    BREAD, PEACE, WORK!!!!!!
  3. AltairZielite says:
    Stop giving our tax $ to the global private banks!!! Start with END THE FED!!!
  4. Shonenut213 says:
    @tr28901 Learn how to spell BAILOUTS dumbass!
  5. paulcoonan says:
    … which is why our government so freely gives these guarantees, to make we the people debt slaves.
  6. paulcoonan says:
    This hits on one of the core principles Ron Paul has been campaigning on for countless years. Corporations play the broken wing and tax dollars bail them out. However, when it comes to government guaranteed loans or backed insurance policies banks are given the incentive to risk what hey would not normally risk. As a result, we the people are faced with loans, that can never be written off in bankruptcy because anything owed to the government by we the people cannot be written off.
  7. Your1maginaryFriend says:
    I don’t think Taxpayers should be forgiven their debts. Their should be an adjustment in interest rates though, so that people don’t drown in their debt.
  8. AbdulNasirkonopka says:
    One goal should be legalize cannabis for all. And help save 2 amenment. And leglaize sex workers. And tax the rich. Raise minimum wage to $40 per hour. And lower the cost of living lower the cost of veggies and fruits and heathy foods and ect.
  9. rubbersole79 says:
    Finally I see a comment I can agree with. What good does it do to protest the receipients of these government gifts? Someone offers you billions of dollars with no strings attached, whaddia gonna do, turn it down?
    No, the problems lie with the government. They don’t have to allow corporations to control them.
  10. Jyagos1 says:
    Small suggestion to keep it simple: Businesses set up and directed by the people that work them. Want funding? Cool, but the employees automatically get a 1% stock in the company. They also meet to discuss the direction of the company. It’s worked for other companies, even for the software industry. I’m sure it could work now.
  11. GalaktikNinjA says:
    @lilfreeway21 The world’s economy IS based on resources/
  12. GalaktikNinjA says:
    Returning the creatin of money to the People should be number one. The banks create almost all our money with the exception of coins. How do you think they’ve become so powerful?
  13. cass1146 says:
    people should b outside the white house! ..period!
  14. kennysboat6 says:
    Of course the government ran media (RT) WOULD SUPPORT ANY STUPID ANARCHY MOVEMENT IN AMERICA. At least they use hot women to do it.
  15. dreed007 says:
    Rebels without a clue.
  16. lilfreeway21 says:
    The system WILL fail, no way around that one. We will not see a resource based world until this whole system crashes and burns and God ushers in a new system of things with no more greedy heartless money grubbing ppl
  17. snipervictim says:
    In a word NO let the system FAIL that is the only way to start A new system that MIGHT not be so corrupt.I dont think making money out of thin air is a good system to start with.
  18. hazeedayze says:
    Hell fucking no! I don’t want to pay for any dumbass’s mistakes whether they’re the big bankers and corperations or avergae fuckin joe.
  19. Glambert27 says:
    Did you guys read the Declaration of the Occupation of NYC General Assembly it’s amazing.
  20. TommyTurntables1 says:
    Russia loves this
  21. dobbsiancant says:
    @JWLuke787 sorry,its based on the last election results.
  22. Yaheuben66 says:
    How about we are forgiven other peoples’ debt foisted upon us?

    The debt I took on is my own responsibility…

  23. manilaenglish says:
    Is it just me or does Alyona look a lot hotter this week?
  24. MicMacGrass1 says:
    A public bailout may not be a viable answer to the economic woes we face. If anything, it could stall the recovery process. If banks would remove obscene fees for every transaction made, allow affordable refinancing of home loans and forgive penalties and interests on loans; that would be a start.Giving 100 mil as a bonus to a bank exec is a slap in the face to every person that’s behind on a debt/loan and/or someone that has lost, or is losing their home. The people (we) only want a fair shake.
  25. rosequartz19 says:
    Student loan debt should be forgiven; millions of young people want to start new businesses, create jobs, and stimulate our economy, but they can’t due to these unreasonable loans. Student loans have practically no consumer protections and cannot be discharged in bankruptcy; they are albatrosses hanging around these students’ necks.

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