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Silver Update 8/31/11 Jobama

Silver Update 8/31/11 Jobama Obama jobs council calls for more engineers The “Shining” Example Of Obama’s $787 Billion Fiscal Stimulus Act, Solar Energy Company Solyndra, Files For Bankruptcy Silver and the Single Dude


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24 Responses to "Silver Update 8/31/11 Jobama"

  1. QWERTY34990 says:
    @assilvertried7x I  know, don’t forget to stack your ammo boxes either, because the cost of bullets will go up by 10x’s or more!
  2. barnz008 says:
    I will not rest until this asshole is out of office. Thx once again John for being….correct….again.
  3. workwillfreeyou says:
    I work with people that have been in the solar panel business for over 15 years. I asked about the use of silver in solar panels. They told me that the companies that they worked for didn’t use silver. The problem with solar panel production is it can’t compete with foreign labor rates. If this latest company’s implosion is anything like the rest of the U.S. manufacturing base the machinery and processes will end up in China for pennies on the dollar. With the approval of the U.S. Congress.
  4. assilvertried7x says:
    @QWERTY34990 I was being sarcastic ;)

    What people like delweine don’t understand is that most stackers are also preppers.

  5. Quierotortilla says:
    H.G. Wells ‘the time machine’

    The morlocks had been degenerated to the lowest form of human life, cannibalism !

    humanitarians have been degenerated to something similar by bombing and droning just for fun all human life different from theirs !


    Go Libyans ! defend your sovereignty against foreign dictators ! you are all heroes !!!!



    Rebel monsters and their inglorious foreign alliance will lose !

  6. QWERTY34990 says:
    @assilvertried7x What are they going to do with US green Dollars, Eat them with Blue cheese
  7. QWERTY34990 says:
    @assilvertried7x What are going to do with US green Dollars, Eat them with Blue cheese dressing.
  8. DoctorFunk18 says:
    No need for the “bleeps”.
  9. assilvertried7x says:
    Ding Ding Ding Ding. The first official “But you can’t EAT gold or silver” argument on John’s Silver Channel. Better unload all your worthless PM’s now, folks. ‘Cause delweine’s really thought things through.
  10. delweine says:
    conclusion = all your gold and silver will not help you iff and when the system crashes. u are no different in putting a cost basis on silver and gold which equates to a fiat value. no offense, you are a smart man, so use your cash now to store food and water, not worthless metals that u cannot consume for sustanance.. the mob will rule until put down, they will loot for the food and water. im suprised u do not understand this..
  11. delweine says:
    your basis for valuing sliver and gold is based on fiat currency.. when that possibly goes to zero.. how to gage the worth of gold and silver? again, can u eat it? can u use it to trade for food? will u offer it to the poor and hungry rioters looting the stores to eat and drink? it is just as WORTHLESS AS THE FIAT CURRENCY. therefore, u are also buying into another type of illusion.. it has no real value when and if we reach that time. store food and water, far more valuable.
  12. delweine says:
    here is what most of you i think do not get; gold and silver, u get it, store it right? what good will it do if the whole fiat system crashes? the poor, and most people wont have it.. hyperinflation will make food and water precious, to the point stores will be raided, looted, riots everywhere.. so, will u eat the gold and silver? trade it for food that no longer can be found, because it has been looted by the angry masses? u cant eat or drink cash or metals.
  13. pdxeddie1111 says:
    it aint jobama its yomamabama
  14. anykeywhere says:
    @BrotherJohnF  what dose it mean that gold and silver have flat lined the last 68 hours strait?
    if you look at a 3 days chart all three days follow the same line.. silver been bumping 41.40 to 41.70 it likes those .50cent and .60cent point. both gold and silver look like the same.. squigly sideway line all 3 days over laping each other
  15. anykeywhere says:
    SO what dose it mean that gold and silver have flat lined the last 68 hours strait?
    if you look at a 3 days chart all three days follow the same line.. silver been bumping 41.40 to 41.70 it likes those .50cent and .60cent point. both gold and silver look like the same.. squigly sideway line all 3 days over laping each other
  16. nomad1420 says:
    What are your thoughts on the way silver has sort of flat lined over the last three days with very little movement up OR down… have they figured out how to keep the price artificially stable??
  17. brendandylanmaloney says:
    @MushroomCloud666 Wow,good one.I needed to hear that especially because people keep being abusive and mean to me when I mention anything that can be a conspiracy theory.
  18. MushroomCloud666 says:
    People who dismiss everything suspicious as conspiracy theory are usually naive easily manipulable people who would never be able to conspire themselves, and thefore don’t understand that someone could pull off such a thing.
  19. SIERRAHPBT says:
    @leathersword socialism is not a ill thought out policy.. talk about small minded.. Now why don’t you move to some socialist country. You are educated? you are not showing it…..
  20. familythrive says:
    @BrotherJohnF – It is not about your bias being hidden or not, it just has nothing to do with your objective analysis of Gold & Silver market. However, it seems like your audience craves the subjectivity & emotion & in the end it is your show :-) . For an investor – subjectivity & emotion can be a very dangerous combination. I will fast forward through the political analysis & continue to appreciate your excellent market insights. Thanks for sharing your knowledge & expertise in these areas.
  21. leathersword says:
    @BrotherJohnF …(cont) The free market will eventually support solar, as it will be cost effective relative to other forms of energy. But right now there is no “free market”. Oil and other forms of energy are artificially low: externalities aren’t factored into their cost; the military expense of financing their use isn’t factored into their price, and other techs have already gone through their early development phase, where they received massive govt. support. (like the Manhatten project.)
  22. leathersword says:
    @BrotherJohnF I don’t “know what the future holds”. But I do know that the consensus among geologists is that “peak oil theory” is real, that we have use up about 1/2 of the extractable oil in the planet, and that the cost of extracting what’s left, in terms of energy, will get greater and greater, at a faster and faster rate. Solar energy is not “going to be replaced” by anything. With investment and time, it will get cheaper. … (cont)
  23. blazefury2010 says:
    Silver is going to pull a Rhodium in the coming years.
  24. leathersword says:
    @SIERRAHPBT You should take your smallminded pettyness elsewhere. I am educated, was born and raised in this country, and care about it, an don’t want to see it ruined by small minded people who propose policies that are ill thought out.So if you would, could you please move to another country?

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