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Simple BofA refi turns into foreclosure nightmare

A homeowner tells columnist David Lazarus that Bank of America refinanced her mortgage, then stopped taking her payments. Next, it threatened to seize her condo. Read more at


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7 Responses to "Simple BofA refi turns into foreclosure nightmare"

  1. MrCheckitout123 says:
    plenty of great mortgage professionals that could have closed the refinacne in less than 30 days. I can bet the homeowner was greedy…
  2. anne226 says:
    Same thing happened to us in NH. We were granted a forbearance and due to it not being processed properly, they preforeclosed on our 2nd mortgage and home equity line of credit. We never received ONE notice. NOT ONE! The auctioneer showed up at our house where tenants lived and started photographing the house. We lost our tenants because the attorney advised them to stop paying us rent because it would be foreclosed upon.
  3. danielcooper1000 says:
    We can never find justice at the hands of corrupt judges. (See youtube videos) Judge To Judge On Illegal_Payments To Judges—Evil Triangle of Court Corruption—Richard Fine—Dr shirley Moore—SBX 211. Now is the time to be heard. The fight to end this title wave of corruption in our country must start with the corrupt judges. Show your support now or wait untill your fate is at the hands of corrupt judges. bring these judges to justice,
  4. budb11 says:
    Bank of America is a fraudelent enterprise. It’s part of the Wall St bankster cabal that collasped the US economy in 2008. These banksters are sucking the financial health out of the American economic system. Directors and officers should be indicted, tried, and sentenced at the very least.
  5. Th3Coog says:
    More information is needed… BofA has been a good bank to many! Their policies are pretty fair.
  6. SKHSirNicolas says:
    This business behaviour of BofA is unacceptable!
  7. 00gir00 says:
    I thought the title said DotA. Silly me.

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