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Skyservice forced into receivership

Skyservice forced into receivership on March 31, 2010. Another nightmare for travelers and employees of a travel carrier. We flew Skysevice to Samana Dominican Republic on a Sunquest package, but there were passengers with Transat all inclusive packages, and Signature Vacation packages on the same flight. The plane was not full and after Samana the plane was making the short hop to LaRomana with more passengers. When a carrier like Skyservice is forced into receivership the effects are akin to the dreaded domino effect. There are more than 800 employees out of work, vacationers who have travel booked with flight provided by Skyservice are left scrambling and a happy time of taking a well deserved vacation becomes a nightmare. There might be people stranded at destinations who are now forced to find alternative ways of returning home. And the decline of a carrier has direct effect at vacation destinations and resorts. If it is Skyservice that is the predominant airline that services Samana bringing vacationers to the resorts and now they have just stopped, what happens to all the resorts and the reservations that are being held for Canadians that will not be arriving. Finally if competition is being eliminated and now only one airline(carrier) services a destination like Samana, there is no competition for price so inevitably the cost of travel will go up. On our return from Jamaica March 16th we saw that even Westjet was going through a management shake up, the airline


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15 Responses to "Skyservice forced into receivership"

  1. CanadianMapleLeaf01 says:
    @ClaymoreCinema So, I flew TS’s A310s. The flights were great. Flying these days isn’t cheap. Crew was nice, everything was ok. The A310 is the competitor aircraft to the 767. Air Canada’s 767s must be as old as Air Transat’s A310s. Imagine, Air Canada flew with the Gimli glider, until 2008 (Built and sold in 1982).
  2. CanadianMapleLeaf01 says:
    @ClaymoreCinema Skyservice was founded in 1986, but received their planes in 2005! Between these 19 years there were no flights on behalf of Skyservice. 5G had only 6 years in making profit. That’s not enough.
    So, the A310 has a range of 9,600 Kilometers. Frankfurt and Toronto is 6,330 kilometers. Flight time will be so 8-9 hours.
    The A330-200, has a range of 13.350 km. This plane is used at A.T.’s system on FRA-YVR.
  3. ClaymoreCinema says:
    @CanadianMapleLeaf01 ummm, if your flying the a310 then thats a horrible airplane. its very old. Also, the staff is not the nicest, but that may have only been my flight because i went to the caribean. Your probably gonna fly with the a330′s if you are going over a long distance.
  4. CanadianMapleLeaf01 says:
    @ClaymoreCinema Did Skyservice fly to Germany? As far I knew never. In a week I will fly to Toronto. What sucked on A.T.? The plane? The food? The attitude of staff? What?
  5. ClaymoreCinema says:
    @CanadianMapleLeaf01 i flew air transat and it sucked. I would rather have sky service
  6. CanadianMapleLeaf01 says:
    Part 2: There are so many offers to get over the pond, either you are going via Iceland, or via Ireland. A small ad-mail from Air Transat led to our flights with A.T., found in the SPAM folder….. Flying is nice, but it becomes more and more expensive, less people will use planes is to fear. Aviation is on down turn since 9/11.
    Zoom Air, Skyservice, who will be the next Canadian airline to get under the tire? JCVdude, nice work. I’m enjoying your videos a lot.
  7. CanadianMapleLeaf01 says:
    Charter airlines have the problems that charter is only a holiday option for holiday makers. These airlines are lacking corporate customers like larger firms, some are even running on governmental contracts (to fly army personal etc). I will fly charter for the first time in July with Air Transat from Frankfurt to Toronto…. Aviation is such a rough business, see the high fees (luggage)
    Even finding a nice flight to YYZ was seek and hiding: (next post)
  8. sjnath says:
    I had great five years with SSV flying out of YVR….this video brought back great memories !!!!
  9. xbox360productions89 says:
    my dad used to work at skyservice now its gone :(
  10. CanadianPrideT23 says:
    I took skyservice both times I went on vacation ever, great service, and a great charter, so sad what had happened to them, irronically enough, I flew out 2 days before they went out of buisness, pure luck, other wise I might of gotten stuck in jamaica for another couple of days >.<
  • coolday2000 says:
    The CEO Rob is a clasic example of what you do to others you do to yourself.
  • MRSYYZGIRL says:
    Skyservice was a great charter airline… so sad
  • piolt22 says:
    wow i just flew them too
  • allgripNnoslipN says:
    Who’s next? Sunwing and Westjet????? I’m still crying over the loss of Zoom. We can’t loose all the good airlines now :’(
  • danielc365 says:
    So whats happening with this airline why all of a sudden this happend? they seem great with all they offer and the food looks great so im guessing its a great airline.
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