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Social Security disability on verge of insolvency?

so would the goverment be happy if people with disabiltys just die – so they would have more money for their wallets
they need to start careing about the american pepole n build up our system n the economy here in america

the ones who can work should or be cut down alot or all together
they need to check into this


  1. Why do the GOP insist that their raiding of Social Security proves an insolvency inherent in Security Security? Yes, the Democrats nibbled….but 2 unpaid for Wars and took the biggest bite! ...

  2. Is Social Security Insolvency and the National Debt actually the same thing? Boomers have been paying excess Social Security witholding above what is needed for paying current benefits for many years. Congress...

  3. Why aren’t we addressing Social Security and Medicare first and solving their insolvency instead of Healthcare? These programs are going to be insolvent really soon, why aren’t concentrating our efforts into fixing them first before creating...

  4. Liberals: why are Social Security and Medicare always on the brink of insolvency–nice job, what’s next? Obamacare? I thought all of these programs were supposed to pay for themselves. ...

  5. What are the Democrat’s Solutions to the Bankruptcy of Social Security? Now that it is paying out more than it is taking in. ...

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  1. M&T says:
    a lot of house holds LIVE off this income in America now..collecting for children with attention deficits is only one example.I know a family that collects for three kids..and the dad watches TV all day..between the food stamps and section 8 housing and SSI there doing pretty well. No wonder the country’s broke!

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