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Solidarity with Sunday Tribune staff as they collect final pay cheque, 24th February 2011

MORE than 100 people took part in a solidarity protest outside the offices of the Sunday Tribune in Dublin city centre today (Thursday February 24) as staff at the newspaper gathered to collect their final pay cheques. The attendance included many former Tribune staff and representatives of virtually all print and electronic media organisations in the city. Organised by Dublin branch the rally was also attended by senior trade union officials led by ICTU Vice President Patricia King and Peter Bunting, Assistant General Secretary. NUJ Irish Secretary Séamus Dooley told the gathering that with the closure of the Sunday Tribune “a light has been extinguished and Irish journalism is significantly diminished.” The Receiver appointed by Independent News & Media, Jim Luby advised workers this week that he had been unsuccessful in securing a purchaser for the newspaper. Workers are being made redundant and will receive only statutory redundancy from the Insolvency Payments Scheme. The NUJ is calling on Independent News and Media Plc to make provision for ex gratia payments to Sunday Tribune workers cast aside as a result of the decision to pull the plug on funding for the newspaper. Seamus Dooley confirmed that INM has agreed to meet the NUJ next week but has not indicated a willingness to make any payments to staff. “We regard it as profoundly wrong that INM, which exercises indirect control on this company should leave the taxpayer with the bill for redundancy. INM is a


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One Response to "Solidarity with Sunday Tribune staff as they collect final pay cheque, 24th February 2011"

  1. 12GMURRAY says:
    It is sad to see the Tribune closing and also about the journalists, but nobody mentioned the other people who work there, like the advertising staff and wages staff and also if there is anyone left from the print preparation area, they also have to get jobs. I worked there for 10 years from 1983 to 1993 and can remember all the times that it became difficult, but I loved it there. So sad to see it go.

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