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Solyndra bankruptcy..

Another (green) job bites the dust.. I make no copyright claims to this material,it is for education and entertainment purposes only.


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25 Responses to "Solyndra bankruptcy.."

  1. UCSDEngineerDoctor says:
    @blastforyou The FBI raided the place under orders by OBAMA so they can confiscate the evidence & burn it.
  2. al5mnd9trnksdr745bi says:
    Just when you thought the stench emanating from Obama’s $535,000,000.00 money laundering operation Solyndra couldn’t get any worse, we learn that one of the bankrupt “green energy” company’s creditors is the cancer calling itself the California Democrat Party:

    Why California Democrats would be creditor to a company that received more than a half-billion dollars in federal loans to build a solar-panel plant isn’t clear. Even party officials say they’re not sure.

  3. blastforyou says:
    The FBI raided and seized records and now company official have taken the 5th and there will be no procecution per government discression. Now for some meat; how is it possible to get $550 million in late 2009 and to have run through this quick. The lawers for this company are part of the Obama fund raising pool so i have heard reported, is there any chance that some of the money was funneled into other “uses”
  4. shaithis80 says:
    @chadberry75 LOL, temp agency’s were directly responsible for helping to rebuilt my work experience and I lived off temp work for roughly 2+ years. You take what you can get and temp agencies were a great way to build up your work experience and in between jobs, you just filed for unemployment. Honestly I enjoyed the short term projects with a sense of completion after the fact and the secret to survival was getting wired in with every agency and increasing your chances for working.
  5. prayforworldpeace says:
    1100 employees………..$535,000,000
    This is 486,000 per employee….
    if you gave each of them 1,000 a month it would last for more than 486 months or 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fucking Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. MrShelbymustang says:
    I dont care about your jobs. Wheres our 535 million dollars? It wasnt BUSH who gave the money to Solyndra it was Obama, the same guy you all were cheering when he visited your plant. Some people need to go to jail! Besides what were you all thinking, you could compete with the Chinese? Idiots!
  7. chadberry75 says:
    future, security guards..or wal-mart greeter’s. what else is there???. oh..and fuck’s..
  8. Sandy97136 says:
    @lnfinityCircle Well said Infinity and Solyndras private donators were republicans which is why Bush was trying to push it.
  9. Sandy97136 says:
    That`s very mature UCSDEdoc, considering the loan was PUSHED BY BUSH!!!
    It was only rejected without prejudice and brought back up BEFORE obama became president, do some damn research!
  10. wyecee says:
    The mainstream of voters can’t stand this fool.
  11. al5mnd9trnksdr745bi says:
    “The leadership and actions of President Barack Obama, Energy Secretary Steven Chu and the US Congress were instrumental in…this…loan guarantee…The DOE Loan Guarantee Program funding will enable Solyndra to achieve the economies of scale needed to deliver solar electricity at prices that are competitive…”
    —Solyndra CEO and founder Dr. Christian Gronet 20 March 2009
  12. Im4theFuture says:
    Who’s the judge that approved the bankruptcy? Isn’t there a law “If you get 1/2 billion dollars….YOU CAN’T FILE BANKRUPTCY?
  13. lnfinityCircle says:
    Yes the facts ARE coming out: President Bush got the ball rolling on the Solyndra loans, and even tried to fast track them while he was a lame duck. Yet the Republican Teaparty conveniently overlooks this in a pathetic attempt to lay it on President Obama.
  14. MillionthUsername says:
    Obama was right. This IS “the future of America.” Bankrupt politically connected businesses funded by loser taxpayers.
  15. ChimpBama says:
    Inept, Incompetent & Corrupt.
    That OweBama (SCoaMF) is a triple threat!
  16. platipot says:

    Lying cunt. That is – like weather report. You are the one.

  17. msmithstud says:
    this is Obama’s Watergate
  18. MrFangole says:
    What Obama, not blaming Bush on this fiasco. Obama’s KoolAid of Hope and Change!!!!
  19. erockula says:

    the REAL story before you republicans get brainwashed once again by fox
    replace (DOT) with .

  20. HyperColours says:
    @biggerturtle Start over with what? Another president? Then what?

    The whole economic system is flawed from beginning to end. We need something totally new.

    Look at Zeitgeist the documentary. We have a chance to do something great if we all stood up together and said enough of this shit.


  21. biggerturtle says:
    @HyperColours Bush was bad , Obama worse . Throw them all out Time to start over
  22. biggerturtle says:
    @UCSDEngineerDoctor Right on . Well said
  23. SpirituallyNuked says:
    First with the motor industry; then with big banks; funny how they left Solyndra out until now. But the end result is the crash of the dollar, from these “stimulus” plans.
  24. FlankerVT says:
    Obama “jobs” plan = scam

    Green jobs are bullshit, especially in the usa.
    The government cannot create jobs…only the private sector can do that!

    Obama and his pals are using this “green money” to skim off the top, not to create green jobs.

  25. tuffe52060 says:
    green job program put in place by obama and the dems. 38 billion in the fund.19 billion spent. jobs created so far 3500. 5 million dollars to create each job. can anyone follow any of this money ? even if it created the profected job gain it is 600 thousand to create each job. how is this acceptable ?that is a lot of corruption.

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