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Stafford Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed

Does bankruptcy support with inherited debt?


“Do I require to file personal bankruptcy on inherited financial debt?”


You’ll find a lot of factors 1 needs to manage when an individual dies. It seems a shame that this may very well be one particular of them. Whilst making an attempt to have throught the grief you’ll find numerous concerns; monetary, personalized, emotinal. It could possibly really get a toll on you.


In my twenty decades as a personal bankruptcy attorney, I’ve been asked about personal bankruptcy and inherited financial debt perhaps 4 or 5 times.


Someone’s mom or father expired, leaving nothing but credit card and health-related charges. What to complete? Does bankruptcy help? Most people know which you don’t need to have to file bankruptcy-because you can’t inherit credit card debt in The united states. I never thought I’d require to speak about this in my personal bankruptcy weblog.



(Unless of course you had been already a co-signer, collectors can’t come soon after you for your costs of the mom or father. A minimum of they shouldn’t.)


So I was amazed by a news release posted on the web March 31, 2011. Credit card debt collector Phillips & Cohen brags about their leadership in collecting “deceased account recovery.” Deceased account recovery?


Now if someone dies and instead gives off a probate estate, legitimate creditors need to be paid. That’s one of the things that Phillips & Cohen says they do, on their site.


They also say they have “effective family … communication.” What’s that???


The Fair Credit card debt Collection Practices Act says that your collector cannot connect with anyone other than the consumer person in debt or wife or husband or attorney or the credit score bureau. The only exception is to obtain “location information.”


So I’m unsure how these people-who are clearly collectors-communicate with family. They aren’t endeavoring to locate someone understand is deceased. Doesn’t any other communication instantly violate the FDCPA?


If a significant other dies and leaves a probate estate, creditors really should be notified and legitimate debts really should be paid.


But if they leave nothing, you tend not to inherit the credit card debt. Do not let anyone tell you that you do.


There’s no need to have to file personal bankruptcy.

Filing Bankruptcy isn’t for everyone. Learning if it’s for you is what matters.


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