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Stop The Foreclosure Insanity – Learn the Basics of Law to Defend Foreclosure Fraud with Teresa Moore and experts she has found that are fighting foreclosure fraud. This 8 minute video is an introduction to the Jurisdictionary Self Help Law Program that Ms. Moore uses to teach the basics of law. Learn more about the law at and participate in Moore’s weekly STOP THE FORECLOSURE INSANITY LECTURES on line at

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  1. coldcallinguk says:
    Let’s face the truth. There has been an enormous fraud by the lenders, that much is certain. Unfortunately the powers that be cannot possibly find´╗┐ for the defaulting borrowers or they would open a Pandora’s box of other legal problems.

    It is equally clear that the government, central and local, are in bed with the banks and justice won’t be done in this case. Most defaulters will lose their houses.

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