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Student loan advice / consolidation?

I am in grace period from my recent graduation from school. I have two private school loans and one federal loan.

SalieMae – $18,500
Wells Fargo – $25,500
Direct Loans (federal) – $9,700

I’m having trouble trying to figure out options to put the loans together and lock in a low interest rate.
I have a credit score of 802 and scored a job with a salary of $32,000

My interest rates are variable in the 13% range and monthly payments will be around $770 per month for 15 years starting in January!!

Do I have options? Has anybody had success consolidating lately?

Thank you in advance!


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  1. Anonymous says:
    you will never be able to consolidate the federal and the private loans together. So your options are limited. This is why private loans are evil and should be avoided at all costs. Your better option is to get a second job, or to ask the spouse, if you have one to get another job!

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