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Student Loan Consolidation: An Homage to Good Eats

In honor of the end of Alton Brown’s Good Eats, today we discuss student loan consolidation as pizza dough. Thanks to Monique ( help shooting and Tom ( for the puppeteering and hand modeling.

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4 Responses to "Student Loan Consolidation: An Homage to Good Eats"

  1. insteally says:
    This vid is epic.
  2. VolcardoReviewer says:
    keep it up man.
  3. academicreviser says:
    @MetroidMaster Youtube is being weird about my comments too. I’m not sure, but I get errors when I have links.

    I’m so glad someone watching knows about Good Eats. I was worried no one would get it—especially the burping sock puppets. Sitting through and cutting up a minute and a half of pitch corrected burps is probably the grossest thing I’ve done this week.

  4. MetroidMaster says:
    First: I love Alton Brown, so this episode’s inspiration is awesome, therefore this episode is awesome.

    Second: Paying ahead would be nice, but since I graduated in May, I’ve been looking for work to no avail. That makes it kinda hard.

    Last: Thanks for your response to my question on your last video. I tried to send a response thanking you, but Youtube wasn’t having any of it.

    Keep up the good work dude!

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