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Student loan consolidation and credit cards?

I graduated a few months ago from college and am starting a new job in a few weeks. I’ve been going through my finances and looking into consolidating my student loans (about $35K). All of my student loans are alternative student loans, but can be consolidated. Unfortunately, for the last year of my degree program, I had to rely on credit cards for what the loans didn’t cover, leaving me with some substantial credit card debt also. Is it possible to consolidate my credit card balances with my student loan consolidation. I would rather make one large payment on everthing instead of making smaller payments on all the different loans.


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  1. mefuture says:
    It will be difficult to consolidate your credit card debt, beacuse the student loan consolidation would work only with the student loans. If you try to get a loan to consolidate both those debts that its most likely that it would be classified as a personal loan, which carry a substantially higher interest rates.

    You can get a free consultation if you enter your information at

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