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Student Loan Consolidation Explained with Play-Doh

Confused about loan consolidation? This film will explain how it all works using Play-Doh ™. Visit for more info! License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License

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25 Responses to "Student Loan Consolidation Explained with Play-Doh"

  1. msgogeke says:
    What? Do not believe this garbage! Either a) don’t borrow or b) just suck it up, and pay under reasonable terms. If you believe this rubbish, you spread out your repayment terms AND the playdough turns into a big fat pile that sits on top of you so you can’t move, you pay thousands and thousands more, and you will pay until you are 75 years old. Sallie Mae is your friend but not mine.
  2. tagfreebie says:
    i used instantlend dot com saved a butt load of cash
  3. angel3428 says:
    sex since u read this u will have to post this on 7vidoes or u will die in 48 hours
  4. tj9904ou says:
    07studentloan.blogspot. com/
  5. studentloanstips says:
    student loans and green … love it
  6. RioGiovanni says:
    I believed you up to the point where you said you don’t need to pay a quarter of your loan. but good video. 4/5 stars.
  7. dan9185us says:
    But over a longer period of time won’t there be more interest than your shorter loans even with money taken off the end…isn’t that why they offer that because they get more money because of higher APR’s? So you think, “let me stretch this over a longer period of time to try and save money”, but in fact you are paying over the longer period of time even with the money off after a set amount of months?
  8. rebbort says:
    You can find a little bit of information here:
    fuf. com. ua student-loan-consolidation/2007/06/25/the-basics-of-student-loan-consolidation/
  9. kevituz says:
    That was so faggy.
  10. ribassribass says:
    You’re such a moron, and You made a bad video. Extra bad, stupid and Your loan story is boring! Such a jerk.
  11. edchaos2 says:
    No,but are you a preffered lender? hmm. are you part of the lender scam that’s being investigated by Andrew Cuomo?
  12. ANDREWEBSTER says:
    dept of education never sales your loan but if you go into default it will be sent to collection agency and  that when you will see the large fees

    make sure you pay on time and you will be fine if not you will get a call from an asshole like me

  13. CAHACHEE says:
    oh great thats sounds great ill just go into debt forever weeeeeeee
  14. kjw333 says:
    ah, thanks!  luckily i wont have to worry about college fees for a while. yay!
  15. MangoMawn says:
    consolidation can also add in extra fees and change terms … so beware … just about anytime I make a change in the post-1997 world, some private financial group sticks their fangs in and adds fees or changes interest structures … See Senator Dick Durbans website for details.
  16. kjw333 says:
    cool! learnt what all the people are on about on the loan adverts! thanks! oh, and play-doh? thats a stroke of genius.
  17. nayee9 says:
    i really thought i’d learn something.

    (i didnt)

  18. beccan34 says:
    omg i get it
  19. stbd says:
    So, um, edchaos2 would rather have 10% of the country being able to go to college (because that’s about all who could afford to go without financial aid in the form of student loans)? I consider that unwise — especially when that would drive the cost of education through the roof. (And what 4-year college can be attended on the tuition money set aside from working for three years? Oh, questionable math…)
  20. edchaos2 says:
    the dept. of ed. does things like that. Never ever under any situation get a student loan. I dont care if you have to work three years to save money for college. never get a student loan. d.o.e sells your loan. everytime the sell it. they tack on another 25% in fees and cost to the principle and interest. they will sell your loans and very often. eg. $7200 in loans over 10yrs will probably6 cost you $25-35,000
  21. FinancialAidPodcast says:
    Thank goodness we’re not ACS, then.
  22. cheddardoc says:
    It’s funny that I should see this video. BEWARE of ACS. The 1st 9 consecutive payments on time get you a 1% rebate. They claimed they never received my 6th. I have the torn stub still and check number. It was never cashed, but my payments have never crossed in the mail with any creditor in 9 years of paying bills, either….I’ve never been late on a bill. I have A-1 credit; and although I’d like to think that this is just one of those things, I’d be more inclined to believe I’d been sabotaged.
  23. FinancialAidPodcast says:
    No, it’s definitely not the right answer for everyone. If you’ve got only a little while left on repayment, why in the world would you stretch that loan term again?
  24. clearstudentdebt says:
    Consolidation is right for everyone though. When you consolidate you are still paying interest. Budgeting it better in order to repay your debts as quickly as possible.


  25. webma11 says:
    Great video. Very easy to understand.

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