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Student Loan Consolidation Help Please!?

I am a May 2008 graduate with a significant amount of debt.

Because I transferred, I have over $50,000 in a number of private and federal loans from different companies in two different states. I just have a few questions about consolidation.

1. Can you consolidate both federal and private loans into one?
2. I just started working, so I don’t make that much, do you think consolidation is a good option? I can make the payments, but it makes everything else a lot tighter.

3. If I consolidate, what companies can I trust?
4. What companies are best?
5. What if I go back to grad school later and need to take out loans again? Can I add to the consolidation? Or does something else happen?

Any information will help. I am trying to be responsible and budget, but having a number of student loans is making things pretty difficult. Thanks in advance!


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2 Responses to "Student Loan Consolidation Help Please!?"

  1. golferwhoworks says:
    your federal loans can be consolidated 1 time only and the lender holding these notes will do it
  2. Ed Atun says:
    The only consolidation you can trust is your local bank or credit union. Some loans will allow you to go back to grad school but only if your payments have been in full and on-time..

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