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Student Loan consolidation scam?

Had anyone ever heard of doing a student loan consolidation that requires 2 references?

2 references. Does consolidation really requires 2 references?
no advertisements, websites, or any sort. I want a legit answer. It’s a yes or no question.


  1. Had anyone ever done a student loan consolidation? Does it require you to provide two references? I know for sure that entrance counseling requires it but what about...

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One Response to "Student Loan consolidation scam?"

  1. rpg says:
    Yes, some legitimate lenders may require references, but you are right to be suspicious.

    More often a legitimate lender would require a co-signer and permission to check your credit report.

    It is typical of “bottom feeder” (often barely more than scam) lenders to require “references” and far less typical for legitimate lenders to require them.

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