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Student loan consolidation – where to start?

I am looking at repaying my student loans starting in August. I was wondering a couple of things:

1) Are there some reputable websites out there with some sound advice on how to consolidate student loans (both undergrad and grad loans)?

2) Is it possible to consolidate loans from 2 different lenders?

3) How do you go about beginning the consolidation process? More specifically, should I be waiting until I have to start repaying or work on it now? Who should I be talking to a bank, credit union or my lenders to see about various repayment programs?

Please only serious responses. No scamming and I will be checking these websites. Anything that looks suspicious I will report as abuse.

In advance, thank you for your help!


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2 Responses to "Student loan consolidation – where to start?"

  1. Stacy says:
    It all depends on what you want to get out of it. Check out my financial aid blog for more financial advice info and more useful ideas
  2. Thunderwave says:
    Check the sites thoroughly. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.

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