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Student Loans : Student Loan Consolidation

Student loan consolidation is a great way to get a lower interest rate, as a reputable consolidation company will buy each loan off of the original lenders, lump it into one loan and offer lower interest and even deferment plans. Consolidate student loans to get them paid off more quickly with financial advice from a guidance counselor in this free video on student loans. Expert: Cheri Ashwood Contact: Bio: Cheri Ashwood has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education, and has been a guidance counselor for nearly a decade. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. What is a good loan consolidation program for Federal and Private student loans? I am looking for a good student loan consolidation program that will take on both my Federal and Private student...

  2. What are the best private student loan consolidation companies? I am getting ready to pay back my Sallie Mae student loans and they are expecting me to pay approximately...

  3. CURIOUS: What are your chances of getting approved for Federal student loan consolidation? Also, Do debt consolidation companies include federal educational loans into the consolidation? If you have a federal student loan, and...

  4. Student Loan Debt Consolidation Learn about student loan debt consolidation, student loan debt forgiveness, debt consolidation loans, and student loan consolidation. ...

  5. Which company has the best student loan consolidation rates? I have a subsidized student loan in the amount of $11,460.55, does anyone know the names of specific companies that...

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  1. grupotusolucion says:
  2. calcularhipoteca says:
    thanks for the video
  3. HenrydeBeli says:
    I wish you would have given some suggestions on which companies to consider when looking for student loan consolidation
  4. eHow says:
    @MoldytoasterMedia No prob. Glad you like the video. If you liked this one there are others in this series that you may find helpful.
  5. MoldytoasterMedia says:
    good video.  thanks

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