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Stylists Robo-Signed Foreclosures

The Foreclosure-Gate scandal just got even more disturbing. An AP article claims that financial institutions hired Wal-Mart floor workers, hairstylists, and assembly line workers to sign off on foreclosures. They had no prior bank experience and threw people out of their houses. How could Wall Street banks be too cheap and or lazy to hire experienced workers to deal with foreclosures, that they purposefully hired clueless employees to sign off on them?

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16 Responses to "Stylists Robo-Signed Foreclosures"

  1. jacobin111 says:

    The bankers have done it. I am sick of this shit.

    I don’t have a mortgage because houses were too expensive for a regular salary.

    Without all this fraud, I could have afforded one.

    We need a revolution from these parasites. If Obama would have signed that bill he would have had a revolution on his hands.

    They’ll pass it anyway after this election.

  2. TruthAndMoreTruth says:
    @Silveracity You wrote:
    “If the people paid the mortgage the banks wouldn’t forclose (foreclose) would they?”

    Ethos/Pathos, and misdirection make for poor rebuttal.

    How and why banks are foreclosing has absolute no relevance on how and (or) why very large banks, that the us government supported, resorted to fraud to expedite those very foreclosures.

    Wage you finger at someone dumb enough to fall for it…TROLL!

  3. Silveracity says:
    If the people paid the mortgage the banks wouldn’t forclose would they?
  4. LoverOfTheBandBoston says:
    Heads need to Roll, send Jason from Friday the 13th with his axe after the heads of these greedy lying bankers.
  5. AlyonaSeyz says:
    Neeeeeat-o!!! That’s SOooOO KEWL…TheAlyonaShow producers and staff are all former Wal-Mart floor workers, hairstylists, and assembly line workers, TOOeeeeee!!! :o )
  6. LordDyhalto says:
    Seems like every scandal these days has “gate” after it.
  7. combovergi says:
    unless you stand up to the people doing this they will feck you over every time find out where they live and go round there house,it worked in England the boss of RBS ran away then resigned hit them in there own homes RBS boss had his windows smashed he shit himself its past the point of standing out side a bank with a sign protest out side there own houses take back America from the banks,plus stop giving them what money you have left stand strong together.bankers=50000 people=300million +
  8. xanaduisfaraway says:

    This is true…ALL ARE INDIANS—These bastards are screwing AMERICA…

    People wake up


    AIG, GOLDMANSACHS,BANK OF AMERICA ETC— These people are plundering our wealth..

    People wake up…..Islamists are not the problem, INDIANS are

  9. zombiehellmonkey says:
    hiring tards to work in banking – nothing new here …
  10. jaba987 says:
    the BRILLIANT Goldman Sachs, the ACCOMPLISHED Bank of America, the WHIZ KID Citi Bank, the talented Wall Street geniuses headed by Summer, Geitner and Emmanuel, all fronted by the puppet of all puppets Obama.
  11. VexZeez says:
    Criminals run amok.
  12. leostomicek says:
    Wallmart employees cost less than people with education. If these banks hired fresh out of college boys to do the jobs than the CEO bonuses would most likely not be large.
  13. theelbowfromthesky says:
    go ahead and drag this one out… it is REALLY bad.
  14. TruthAndMoreTruth says:
    WOW, big banks couldn’t rake in the MONEY fast enough they had to use uneducated temps to blindly sign EVERYTHING!

    I imagine a large room with rows and rows of tables and chairs, and a guy wheeling in pallets of boxes, full of documents, and who ever signs the most, gets a bonus.

    I wonder how many didn’t even use their real signature.

    In a just and fair country, these banks would lose their license (suspended immediately), but since when has America been fair a just?

  15. LetsRockKarma says:
    krama got a job..yep is sad.
  16. santi781 says:
    i wanna motor boat you alyona

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