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Tackling Private/Federal Student Loan debt consolidation with 100% income?

I have a plan this school year, to take out federal student loans, collect whatever grants and scholarships I can, and handle the remaining expenses with a private student loan from who I bank with (Wells Fargo). Then, consolidate those loans, and throw 90%-100% of my income at it automatically for the whole school year.

All things considered, dorm, declining meal balance plan, tuition, and books. I’m looking at total expenditures amounting to over $18,000 USD
I earn approx $15,000 USD per year at my current job. Living on campus would be cheaper for me than to continue staying in my own apartment.

I figured that if I have things like living expenses already covered by the loans (food, dorm), and I only get like $50 for myself out of my paycheck, and the remainder of the money gets funneled at the debt… that would put my credit in a good spot to repeat the process for the next school year.

In turn, if I do this all 4 years, and get my Bachelors in Biology, Id only end up owing about $16,000 after 4 years instead of nearly $100,000 like many students.

The only thing Id need a little cash for, is transportation (I use my bicycle, and public transportation… car insurance is too expensive), and money for laundry, and a little pocket change to go to the movies with some friends on occasion. Thats why I would want about $50 from my paycheck or so.

I think this plan can work, and I’d like any helpful input that everyone might have.

Long-term, I intend to go to medical school and study to be a doctor (GP and cardiologist). I’m not interested in money. I want to do this, because I seriously believe that our government will NOT take the necessary steps to save itself from the “economic globalization efforts” that threaten the U.S. Dollar as our global reserve currency. I sincerely believe that we will find ourselves under the banner of the “Bancor” one day.
If that happens, things are going to change in the U.S. I believe the welfare aspect of our country will be totally shot. No more “helpful handouts” for Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

So I want to be a doctor in order to VOLUNTEER to help the population when those hard times come. People understand that doctors should be paid, even if they are so poor that all they can afford is to bake you a cake and give you their love.

I’m attending Nova Southeastern University. Though I am considering going to a UNCF (United ***** College Fund(ed)) school (Bethune-Cookman?), after I finish my first year at NSU, to get access to more scholarships.

I plan to get married. My girlfriend is still living with her parents in Richmond, VA. So maybe not till I complete my Bio major.

Anyway, does anyone have any advice on my plan?
To answer Mr. Buresh:

Uh, thanks. I’m not actually in an “adverse” situation. I’m just looking for a few quick 2nd and 3rd opinions on my plan, and any extra ideas if someone has any.


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One Response to "Tackling Private/Federal Student Loan debt consolidation with 100% income?"

  1. just not that says:
    it sounds like you have will thought out plan, but a few things you need to be aware of.

    1. you can’t consolidate private and federal loans together. They will ALWAYS be separated, this is the LAW. So consolidation will never truly exist if you plan on taking out private loans. Honestly, it sounds like you should avoid private loans all together anyway. Private loans will require you to have a cosigner with awesome credit and a very high, stable income. Without that (all four years or more of your school) you won’t get approved for a private loan.

    2. You mentioned opting out of the univ sponsored meal plan to save money. If you live on campus in a dorm you can’t do this. They won’t let you. Sorry, no way around it.

    3. Your reasons to become a doctor are noble, albeit very naive and child like. Sure, be a doctor and save people lives, but be naked, starving and homeless while doing it? LOL Really? Be realistic, you don’t know how incredibly childish you sound when spouting off that stuff.

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