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How much would a foreclosure affect a credit score?

How much would the foreclosure of a $150,000 mortgage affect a credit score, and for how long? Let’s say the mortgage is about a quarter paid off, and the credit score is relatively good (~650). 7-10 years? That sounds more like a bankruptcy. Please note: this is purely theoretical. I am not going through a foreclosure, and I likely won’t, so please don’t sympathize with me. I, however, sympathize with you; it must be incredibly tough to go through one. … Read entire article »

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will getting a federal consolidation loan affect your chances of getting graduate school loans?

I have two jobs and still struggle to pay my student loans and for this reaosn I am considering a consolidation loan. Eventaully I owul dlike to go to graduate school. If I were to get a consolidation loan would that affect my eligibility for grad school loans in the future? … Read entire article »

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How much does a co-signer affect your interest rate on a car loan?

I have really bad credit – an early lesson learned. It is on the rebound ( I am paying off my collections one by one). I am out of school and have a ton of student loan debt. I wanted to drive my current car longer but it is giving out on me. I can’t get a decent car loan because of my credit. My current car payment is $250 a month and I have no problem paying it with my income. I ran into some major financial trouble 2 years ago and was 60 days late 3 times in a row. Since then, I am out of college, have a good job… etc. Anyway, a relative has offered to co-sign … Read entire article »

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Personal Loan affect Financial Aid?

I am currently a grad student and I get both an unsubsidized and subsidized loan to pay for school (About $15,000 per year). With Christmas coming up I was thinking about refinancing a personal loan I have in order to help offset the cost of Christmas travel and presents, but was wondering if this will affect next semester’s financial aid? (I.E., not allowing me to borrow more money for school, or cutting down the amount I could borrow.) The personal loan is only for $2,000. I have good credit and don’t have any huge loans out in my name, just this personal loan and a couple of small (under $500) credit cards. Yes, these are Stafford loans. As for the term “refinancing”, what it means is that I took out a … Read entire article »

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Can debt relief services affect your credit if you use them to lower your interest rate?

I am planning to sign up for Care One debt relief services to help me consolidate my CC debt. Do you think this will actually work? will this affect my credit rating? Does anyone have an opinion about this company and their services. I was reading their blog and for the most part it sounds like it really works but I’m trying to search for more answers. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or feedback. … Read entire article »

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Will Using Debt Settlement for Debt Relief Affect My Credit Score? This free video series focuses on credit card debt relief using Credit Counseling, Credit Consolidation, or Debt Settlement to achieve debt reduction, consolidate debt, and avoid bankruptcy. http helps people who are struggling to pay off credit card debt, medical… … Read entire article »

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How does going onto a Debt consolidation repayment plan affect buying a house?

We are looking at an unsecured debt repayment plan through a third party debt consolidation company. Can we buy a house while we are on that plan? … Read entire article »

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Bankruptcy Attorney or Bankruptcy Lawyer in Charlotte NC – How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse?

Bankruptcy Attorney or Bankruptcy Lawyer – Duncan Law: How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse? Duncan Law is a bankruptcy law firm located in Charlotte, NC. To learn more about how Duncan Law can help you with your bankruptcy call us today at 704-563-1224 or visit us at…. … Read entire article »

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How does the interest rate cut affect my student loans?

Can I consolidate/refinance again and get a lower interest rate? I last consolidated in June 2006, and pay 4.5% interest. … Read entire article »

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How does the 3/4 point cut by the fed affect refinancing a mortgage? is is better to do so now than it was b4?

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does stafford loans affect my parents refinancing?

I just took out student loans to pay for my tuition, and i was wondering will this affect my parents refinancing? Loans is under my name. Thank you … Read entire article »

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