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Do You Understand What Takes Place After You Do A Short Sale

Article by Jim Perez There seems to be a great deal of confusion as to what to try and do with the 1099A which you get after possibly losing your residence by means of a foreclosure or maybe a short sale. Not to mention the 1099C that you could get as well. So hopefully this can clear it up somewhat. Although when you need to do get your forms do save them and do bring them to your tax advisor to find out how they might help you together with filing out whatever forms properly. There are a good deal of homes for sale and the former homeowners of these will likely be receiving a 1099A and hopefully a 1099C shortly there after. Okay so here it goes when you receive your … Read entire article »

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How long after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would we need to move?

My husband and I have decided to file Chapter 7. We have already contacted a bankruptcy attorney, but have not officially filed. We are going to surrender our house. It is worth less than what we owe on it. We are currently less than 1 month behind on our mortgage payment. How long after filing would we need to be out of the house? We don’t want to get notice and have to be out all of a sudden. By the way, we are filing in Illinois. Please…no responses about how bankruptcy is a bad thing. You don’t know our financial situation. Thank you. … Read entire article »

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After Foreclosure: 6 Things To Know

What Happens After Foreclosure? Six things you’ll want to know. For more information about foreclosures go to my or email me at … Read entire article »

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What are the chances the bank will sue after a foreclosure?

If I have an 80/20 loan (and the 80% is a 30-year balloon note), and I try to negotiate a short sale or my house goes into foreclosure, and the house does not sell for what is owed on the loan, what are the chances that the banks will sue me? What is the absolute worst thing a bank can do if the owner stops paying? And if they do sue, and I can’t pay, what happens then? I live in Ohio, btw. … Read entire article »

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Re-Establish Good Credit After Bankruptcy STEP THREE

James J. Cerbone, Esq. – New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney discusses 5 steps to improving your credit after bankruptcy, Increasing your credit score, Removing negative items on your credit report and getting credit after bankruptcy. … Read entire article »

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Is there any way to lower your monthly payments for you student loans after consolidation?

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What happens after you consolidate a federal student loan?

When you include a Federal student loan into debt consolidation? What is the benefit of doing this? … Read entire article »

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Did you know after the communist took control of Russia they raped and murdered millions of Nuns and Priests?

The Communist tried to take control of Russia for sixty years. When they finally got their world war that they had planned for so long they set about killing the intelligentsia of Russia. They systemtically killed millions of scientist, doctors, generals, professors and anyone who could have lead the Russian people to take their country back from the communist. The Jews even said the same thing happened to them during WWI. They said they were gassed and made into soap, but recanted all those lies after a couple years. This is a fact! The World Wars were financed by the Jews and they made billions from these wars. So would you agree that even if this holocaust they keep harping about were would you say that they deserve anything that … Read entire article »

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After debt consolidation, what are the chances of getting a student loan ?

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Is Obama care modeled after Maine’s failed “public option”? Hawaii, Oregon, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Maine have all created some version of government takeover or administration of health care, and all are a mess. Hawaii’s Prepaid Healthcare Act and its coverage mandates have left Hawaiians with fewer coverage choices, higher costs and nearly double the number of uninsured. Recent budget cuts resulted in discontinuation of its coverage for children. Oregon’s state-controlled care includes an official list that dictates what treatments will be covered based on annual budget constraints. If your disease is above the treatment line, you are covered. Below the line — you’re not. However, patients being denied treatment often receive an additional note in their denial letters — the system telling them it will pay for “physician aid in dying.” Oregon won’t help you live, but it will help you die. In … Read entire article »

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Best student loan consolidation. Mine after 5 months just turned me down!?

I used education direct in may and all was well, recieved notification they had received loans and payments to those loan holders then all of a sudden they said no, and that payments had been returned just last Thursday(long after july deadline to lock in good interest rates! Now what do I do?) … Read entire article »

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