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Allmand and Lee’s Staffed Attorney

Allmand and Lee attorneys share stories about how bankruptcy has transformed the lives of clients who were facing the worst financial situation of life and how bankruptcy provided a light at the end of the tunnel. Allmand and Lee attorneys helped a couple who were considering divorce because of their financial situation was looking so hopeless; but after filing bankruptcy the couple saw a way that they could take charge of their financial lives. Another client was an older woman whose husband died and she was facing foreclosure. Allmand and Lee attorneys helped her save her home from foreclosure by buying her enough time so that she could get her finances in order and save her home. … Read entire article »

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Top 10 Reasons to choose Reed Allmand as your Bankruptcy Lawyer Talking about saving properties from foreclosure is one thing, but actually going the extra mile and bringing positive results is quite another. This is where Allmand’s experience and expertise in consumer bankruptcy — most specifically in Chapters 7 and 13 — makes all the difference. “Our firm has proven time and again that filing for bankruptcy can be a legitimate choice to maintain assets and start a new financial plan,” he explains. “It invokes the power of federal law called the bankruptcy ‘stay’ which forces creditors to cease all collection efforts immediately. This means that after a bankruptcy is filed creditors cannot foreclose, repossess, sue, garnish, call, or undertake any other actions to collect a debt without first getting permission of the Bankruptcy Court. This allows the consumer to … Read entire article »

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Reed Allmand – Dallas – Forth Worth Bankruptcy Attorney

Reed Allmand is managing partner with the Dallas – Fort Worth Bankruptcy firm Allmand & Lee. Allmand & Lee is committed to helping good people through bad time. … Read entire article »

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Ep.04 Dallas bankruptcy lawyer Reed Allmand | Secrets To Financial Freedom | Avoid Bankruptcy Dallas bankruptcy Attorney Reed Allmand Presents Secrets to Financial Freedom TV. In this episode Reed Allmand teaches you 5 ways to avoid Bankruptcy, Part 1. Learn more about bankruptcy options and how to better manage your debt. Can You File For Bankruptcy? Receive A Free Evaluation Call Now 214-884-4135 http … Read entire article »

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Bailout Debate featuring Bankruptcy Attorney Reed Allmand

CBS 11 News uses local bankruptcy Attorney Reed Allmand as guest expert. … Read entire article »

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