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Common and Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Refinancing Your Mortgage

In order to discuss and understand what NOT to do when you are refinancing your mortgage, we should first cover some basics about mortgages, refinancing, and the reasons why a person would want to refinance in the first place. In terms of the actual nature of a mortgage, there is very little difference between a mortgage and a loan except that a mortgage is always for a home, it is generally paid back over a longer period (5-40 years), and the home itself is used as collateral. Because the real estate that you are buying is used as collateral, this is what is referred to as a ‘secure loan.’ When a borrower (you) and a lender (usually the bank) agree upon the terms and time frame of the mortgage, one of the … Read entire article »

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IRS Form 982? Avoid Debt-Relief Taxes

Homeowners whose mortgage debt was partly or completely forgiven during 2007 may be capable to claim special tax relief by filling out newly-revised Form 982 and connecting it to their federal income tax return, as per the Internal Revenue Service. Generally, debt forgiveness results in taxable income. Every home loan does not qualify for tax relief. To qualify for exemption, the debt must have been taken to build, buy, or improve your residence or refinance mortgages originally incurred for that reason. For full exclusion, the loan amount must not be more than $ 2 million and $ 1 million for married filing individually or single taxpayers. Debt occurring due to mortgage refinancing can also be integrated. However, IRS tax relief can only be availed depending upon the old mortgage standard. The new … Read entire article »

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How can I avoid foreclosure on my home?

I live in California and I am being threatened with foreclosure. Is there anything I can do to avoid this. Please don’t respond telling me to make the payments because obviously if I could I would not be in this position. … Read entire article »

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What options are available to avoid foreclosure?

I have a relative that can no longer pay for a high mortgage payment, what options are available to avoid foreclosure? The house has been on the market for nine months but no buyers. … Read entire article »

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Iowa Bankruptcy Mistakes to Avoid, Jeff Mathias 1 800 997 1395 Iowa Bankruptcy Attorney

Iowa Bankruptcy Mistakes to Avoid, Jeff Mathias 1 800 997 1395 Iowa Bankruptcy Attorney … Read entire article »

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Ross: USPS Must Undertake Serious Reforms to Avoid Insolvency

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, US Postal Service and Labor Policy, discusses the need for the United States Postal Service to develop and implement a new business model that will reduce costs and adjust delivery frequency. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on, “Are Postal Workforce Costs Sustainable?” The hearing examined the sustainability and affordability of the postal workforce, in light of the United States Postal Service’s financial situation and the disproportionate share of total USPS expenses consumed by workforce costs. Workforce compensation expenses currently comprise 80 percent of all USPS costs. April 5, 2011 … Read entire article »

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Avoid Bankruptcy and Stop Foreclosure.mp4

Lenders, banks and mortgage companies are foreclosing on homeowners at an all time high. Avoid bankruptcy and stop foreclosure by letting us buy your mortgage note from your lender at a discount. You can sell your house and avoid a foreclosure without doing a short sale. This process will save your credit, stop any foreclosure, sheriff sale, foreclosure sale and you should not need to hire a foreclosure attorney or a bankruptcy attorney. This will save your credit also. … Read entire article »

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1 Legal Short Sales – Avoid Foreclosure

Trilogy Property Solutions, the Legal Short Sale Specialists, interviews Ron Ballard, top short sale attorney on the current state of real estate market to stay on the cutting edge of helping homeowners in foreclosure with doing short sales correctly, legally, and ethically. Its our priority to constantly be aware of new California real estate regulations to make sure that everything we do is moral and abides all foreclosure laws designed to protect homeowners from people who are taking advantage of distressed homeowners. At lunch with Ron Ballard, Esq., and Jeff Watson, Esq. the two top short sales attorneys in the country, we learned even more on how to help home owners legally, correctly, and ethically in this ever changing legal climate on real estate, especially here in California! These times … Read entire article »

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avoid bankruptcy with credit card consolidation Even if youre on the brink of bankruptcy, youre not completely out of options. Credit card consolidation can help you. See how … Read entire article »

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Foreclosure: Can I avoid it?

Hudson Henley, a Dallas Texas attorney, talks about foreclosure, foreclosure defense, , foreclosure prevention, and loan modification. He can be reached at (214) 390-9650 or at … Read entire article »

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Hiring an Attorney to Avoid Foreclosure 3 The best way to go about hiring an attorney to help you avoid foreclosure. Part 1 Part 2: … Read entire article »

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