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What The $25B Mortgage Deal Means To America’s Biggest Banks

  LA Times consumer columnist David Lazarus says the banks themselves may be the biggest winners when it comes to the -billion mortgage settlement. … Read entire article »

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7 Major and Insolvent banks and Max Keiser’s Challenge

Originally shown on RT For an alternative to our anti-democratic system check out Jim Rogers latest project to create a system that will hold politicians feet to the fire, and to put shackles on lobbyists so that they can no longer control the system. One day we might have a system that’s controlled by the people and is for the people. This is an idea put forth for Americans but it can easily work in any other part of the world. Milton Friedman Ron Paul Peter Schiff Jim Rogers Marc Faber Tom Thomas Woods Ayn Rand BNP Society Generale HSBC Barclays City Group Bank of America Goldman Sachs JPM JP Morgan … Read entire article »

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US investors believe they are immune to EURO ZONE Bank Insolvency. Prepare for extreme credit contraction along with lower stock prices. … Read entire article »

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Bailey Banks and Biddle closed their doors before returning my ring to me!?

I bought a ring at Bailey Banks and Biddle during their liquidation sale. They told me I could leave it with them for sizing, and they would call me when it was ready. I never received a call, I called for follow up, but never received a response. Now the store has shut down, phone lines are disconnected and I don’t know what to do in order to get my ring back. Does any one have any ideas? Is there some company that is holding jewelery from their safes?? Any advise would be appreciated!! … Read entire article »

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Living Wills for Dead Banks vs Live Lobster Farms

Banks are dead men walking just waiting for a forensic accounting autopsy. Thus, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. voted to require banks with $50 billion or more in assets to submit so-called living wills. Seven banks with more than $250 billion in assets will have to show their plans by July. The other 30 affected by the rule have until 2013. The FDIC also proposed a separate rule that would require banks with more than $10 billion in assets to conduct annual stress tests. The tests show how each bank is positioned to handle worsening economic conditions, such as increasing unemployment and falling home prices. The regulator put the rule out for public comment and is expected to finalize it by July. It will affect roughly 190 banks.. … Read entire article »

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How does this sound? Does it seem true that banks view debt consolidation as a bankruptcy? Will you be able to

get a loan after a debt consolidation? Does it depend on the amount of debt or ? … Read entire article »

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Banks When they Want Their Money Back!: 6 Steps – Your Business Angels

Over the last few week, Your Business Angels have seen a large number of businesses that are under pressure to pay their bank debts back. This blog cover the 6 step to take when you find yourself in this situation. For over 15 years, Your Business Angels has been in Australia to provide that help. During that time, we have been helping businesses who have been experiencing financial, structural and operational difficulties, that caused tax and other debt, issues with their bank and other trading problems. The Company also specialises in solving issues relating to insolvency or bankruptcy and can help you deal with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). As well as providing these services, Your Business Angels have developed relationships with the best practitioners of law, finance and … Read entire article »

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Banks and Congress cozy up

The officials in the House and Senate passed a bill recently that would allow banks to begin the process of evicting homeowners that have missed bill payments by allowing out-of-state and electronic notarizations. US President Obama vetoed it but unfortunately the foreclosure war has continued to wage and lobbyists for Wall Street appear to be gaining momentum. … Read entire article »

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Instead of bailing out the banks why can’t we bail out the people?

Give struggling homeowners the option of refinancing in a program similar to student loans… you know the kind that if you fall behind they keep your tax return and garnish your wages. Something with a stable and fair interest rate that doesn’t gouge the little guy. … Read entire article »

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Read more: Tune into the Live Chat 3-5pm Central Donate Description The unprecedented coordinated stimulus effort by central banks around the world yesterday (primarily the US Federal Reserve) sends a message that the latest effort to lubricate the credit system is an act of desperation. This not only scream hyperinflation but will ultimately fuel the collapse of the Euro and the disintegration of the 17 member state Eurozone. … Read entire article »

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Loan Modification Success- Banks not modifiying! Banks scam on consumers…free info

Bank Fraud Defenses…take action and join our community awareness campaign on how to defend against bank fraud. Share this with everyone you know. Free empowering information against becoming a victim of the market. Loan modification fraud, bank fraud, wrongful foreclosure defenses. We can prevail and win against the banks. United We Stand! Americans standing together fighting for what is right under the law. … Read entire article »

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