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Hasnt Hillary’s Universal healthcare plan failed before?

Does the rejection of Hillary’s healthcare plan in 1993 indicate that it might be flawed? Is it possible that its a bad healthcare plan? By the way, I realize that Hillary is very knoweledgeable about healthcare and passionate about it, but does she just harp on it because she thinks it makes her look smarter than everyone else? … Read entire article »

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Bailey Banks and Biddle closed their doors before returning my ring to me!?

I bought a ring at Bailey Banks and Biddle during their liquidation sale. They told me I could leave it with them for sizing, and they would call me when it was ready. I never received a call, I called for follow up, but never received a response. Now the store has shut down, phone lines are disconnected and I don’t know what to do in order to get my ring back. Does any one have any ideas? Is there some company that is holding jewelery from their safes?? Any advise would be appreciated!! … Read entire article »

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Student Loan Default and FHA loan – please read all before answering as it is a little complicated. Thanks!?

I defaulted on my student loan nearly 20 years ago and it was on my credit history for a few years then it fell off. The IRS takes my refund every year which is fine. For years I tried to work it out with them, spents hours being transferred to different extensions, no one ever returned my calls or could help me with a new payment plan because they could never determine who had my loan – they know it’s out there but the people I’ve talked to can’t ever help so I’ve been fine with the yearly payment? Now my husband and I are going to refinance our house (still doesn’t show up on my credit rating) and our lender wants to put us in an FHA loan. … Read entire article »

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Is student loan consolidation a scam and should one do it soon before rates go up?

I am hearing that rates are going up considerably on student loans and that everyone should consolidate to lock in a lower rate. I am not sure though, because I get to deduct the interest on that loan every tax year and my rate is currently under 5%. … Read entire article »

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CREDIT COUNSELING and DEBT CONSOLIDATION VIDEO: What you need to know before you sign up CREDIT COUNSELING and DEBT CONSOLIDATION What you need to know before you sign up. “(NPR News, May 15, 2006). The Internal Revenue Service is revoking the tax exempt status of some of the largest credit counseling agencies in the country. An IRS investigation disclosed that the firms solicited business from people seriously in debt and that they didn’t provide counseling or consumer education, as required. Prodded in part by a congressional oversight committee and consumer advocates, the IRS began investigating dozens of credit counseling agencies — most holding non-profit status — two years ago. IRS Commissioner Mark Everson says the companies “poisoned an entire sector of the charitable community.” Everson says in many instances, companies were organized merely to funnel business to loosely affiliated for-profit companies. Many of the … Read entire article »

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what law says a mortgage must be 6 months old before refinancing?

I was told that a mortgage must be 6 months old before you can refinance it. Is it true? What law (or statute or regulation…) actually specifies that? This is in NY state, if that matters. Thanks!! … Read entire article »

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Shouldnt your bankruptcy Attorney tell you if your bankruptcy is Approved before you pay them?

I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy a few days ago,ok. I have paid my fee’s in full so does that mean im good, im in bankruptcy until I go to court and get discharge, they dont have to approve it do, they and if they do should my attorney have told me if I didnt have enough debt first, and tell them that they wont approve it. I havent extablished any new debt in about a year, and i got to much so fast that it over welmed me, so I couldnt pay any of it. I have been leting it ride until I had the money to pay my attorney in full so i could get a case number, so i should be good right since my attorney took … Read entire article »

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Leyva vs. NDSC – Arguments Before the Nevada Supreme Court (Part I)

This is an appeal from a Clark County district court order denying a petition for judicial review and finding that National Default Servicing Corporation did not participate in bad faith in the Foreclosure Mediation Program. Subsequently, the district court denied Leyva’s petition and he now appeals ISSUES: (1) What is an appropriate definition for good faith/bad faith in the foreclosure mediation program? (2) What should the standard of review for the district courts’ determination of bad-faith participation in the foreclosure mediation program be? (3) Does a lender commit bad faith in the foreclosure mediation program when it fails to provide documents required by NRS 107.086 and the foreclosure mediation rules where the petitioner is the owner of record at the time of the foreclosure but did not assume the loan? … Read entire article »

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Is there an easy way to determine if I qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy before I see an attorney?

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Can you refinance a student loan before repayment begins?

If you have a student loan with a co-signer, can the borrower refinance that loan and put the loan strictly in their name, before repayment begins? … Read entire article »

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Would it be better to pay large lump sum to current mortgage before refinancing?

Currently looking at refinancing home, but can’t decide if it would be better to add additional monies to current mortgage to lower amount to be refinanced, or refinance and put that sum onto new mortgage. … Read entire article »

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