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Is it better to claim chapter 13 Bankruptcy on credit cards or get one of these Debt relief compainies to ?

work with the credit card companies to reduce the payments. i have been out of work for a year due to medical reasons and I am now employed again. I went over $40000 in debt with credit cards. I want to do the right thing but I can not afford the payments. … Read entire article »

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Can you tell me which is better , debt settlement or debt consolidation?

I want to try to pay off the debt in approx. 3 yrs. I do care about my credit score, but at this point I want to payoff the debt as soon as possible. … Read entire article »

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Which is the better option in regards to reducing debt: debt consolidation or debt settlement (negotiation)?

There has been considerable debate between two specific debt reducing options: debt consolidation and debt settlement (negotiation). I’m trying to decide which is the best option to select if one wants to reduce their financial debt (specifically credit card debt). I’m sure there’s pros and cons to both options, however which is more effective? Please advise. … Read entire article »

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Which student loan consolidation plan would be better?

I’m applying without a co-signer and wish to lower my monthly payments (I’m paying about 5 banks right now, every month.) FIXED Interest rate 13.45% 14.10% APR 5.00% Loan Fee $398.73 Monthly Payment OR VARIABLE Interest Rate 11.06% 3.06% Index–3 Months LIBOR 8.00% Margin 11.64% APR 5.00% Loan Fee $330.49 Monthly Payment I realize these rates are a bit ridiculous, but I am backed into a corner. I don’t really want to ask anyone to cosign for me, and I dont want to keep paying $600/month over various banks. What would you do? Or should I try another bank? Thanks. … Read entire article »

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Is it better to hire a parelegal or attorney for a bankruptcy filing?…?

I’m 25.. I don’t own a house, but have about $25k unsecured debt I owe and want to file BK… Additionally, I have a 2 yr new car currently financed for an additional $25k I want to keep.. I know attorneys are expensive in my area Van Nuys/ West San Fernando Valley, so am finding myself at possibly going with a paralegal.. Please help, and advise if this is smart or not… I definately don’t want to lose my car… Thanks! … Read entire article »

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what is better bankrupcy or debt consolidation?

I have very high unsecured debt. I can’t keep up the minimun payments. would debt consolidation be the way to go, or should I declare bankrupcy.Which would hurt me more in the long run? … Read entire article »

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Is it better to put real income properties in question of ownership rights in receivership?

There are several properties in question but currently the monies from the property are going to the defendants, but I’m getting stuck with the bill(s). and what is a normal bond cost for a court appointed receivership. … Read entire article »

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I am refinancing. Is it better to pay property taxes on your own, or allow the mortgage compmay to do so?

I think it’s better for me financially to pay them on my own, correct? I used to have the mortgage do it because it’s hassle free. DeeDee, my taxes are paid quarterly. So I would need to have money set aside for when they’re due. Ah, I forgot to add that I have been asked if I am also paying for home insurance on my own. Shouldnt this be done by the mortgage company? … Read entire article »

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is it better to pay off your credit cards with a debt consolidation or just pay it off yourself?

especially if you dont’ have the money to pay off the monthly balance? i have $8,000 worth of credit card debt and not sure if it was a good idea to get a debt consolidation loan to pay 3 of ‘em. … Read entire article »

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What is a better use of my summer?

I am in my sophomore year of high school right now, and was thinking about what to do this up coming summer. I have hear that applying for a selective pre-college program is a good thing to do because it lets you experience college, while giving you credit for classes. Applying for an internship with a local professional might be a good thing to do too. This past summer I had the opportunity to do a Duke TIP summer course, it was really expensive and wasn’t much more than an educational summer camp, so instead I stayed home and did an art internship which was really an amazing experience too. Please don’t harp on me for trying to pad my resume, but which would look more professional to colleges? A … Read entire article »

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How does the 3/4 point cut by the fed affect refinancing a mortgage? is is better to do so now than it was b4?

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