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CNN Interview with Bradford Stroh – CEO of Discusses Money CNN’s Gerri Willis interview with Bradford Stroh, CEO and Co-Founder of Bills com. Credit card management, budgeting, and debt relief options are the topics of conversations. … Read entire article »

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In this mortgage refinance video Ethan Ewing, President of, discusses President Obama’s updates to the HARP program, how to qualify, and the five things you should know about the program. These new updates offer many benefits to home owners looking to refinance. For more information please visit us at … Read entire article »

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Mortgage Refinance & Debt Consolidation Video | Is refinancing your mortgage the best way to pay off your credit card debt? This mortgage refinance video from reviews the pros and cons of this option. Visit for more personal finance advice and information. Your home is the largest asset most people will ever own. As the value of your home increases, it’s tempting to tap that equity to pay off credit card debt. This can be a good idea, but it can also be dangerous to your financial future if you’re not careful. Andrew Housser, co-founder and CEO of, reviews the four primary considerations before applying for a mortgage refinance loan to consolidate debt. … Read entire article »

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Student Loan Consolidation Video | This student loan consolidation video helps you to discover the rules regarding federal and private student loan consolidation. Get more information on consolidating debt and other personal financial advice at … Read entire article »

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Are you looking for options to get out of debt? In this video, Anthony Garcia of discusses the legitimacy of several debt relief solutions. To learn more about debt relief and all the options available to you visit us at. … Read entire article »

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