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which president started the process of “borrowing” from the Social Security fund?

Leading to the threat of insolvency that allows nitwits like Rick Perry to call it a “Ponzi Scheme” … Read entire article »

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Fractional Reserve Banking — Essential Concepts: Saving Money, Borrowing Money & Systemic Flaws

Children and teenagers, as well as adults, can quickly understand the concept of fractional reserve banking, with very little more that a basic arithmetic background. This 10 minute video walks step-by-step through fraction reserve banking process. The video details the making of a deposit, the creation of a checking account, the determination of how much money is available for lending, the decision of a borrower to commit to a loan, the loan creation process, the difference between high powered money or currency or M0, and easily spendable money including checkbook money and cash held outside banks normally known as M1. The video concludes with a look at how banks do not have enough cash to cover all of the accounts of the depositors, and how various issues with borrowers can … Read entire article »

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Dems: What happens when tax and borrowing revenue is not able to meet federal obligations?

Raising taxes on the rich typically lowers revenue as the rich leave the country or at least put their money in foreign banks who agree to hide it from the tax collector. What is your solution for getting the federal government out of bankruptcy if raising taxes doesn’t work? … Read entire article »

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