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Bush and Braq Obama both want to retrain Union workers, is Bankruptcy Attorney the best New Job or bureaucrat?

With 2,1/2 million new Government employees that leaves 7,1/2 million that will need a Bankruptcy Attorney NeoNerd If you have a problem with the Sunni spelling of Braqi’s name I suggest a 12 step stop the hate program. Braq was born into a Sunni family it is reprehensiable to see people rename him with a WASP deviation of Braq 1.8 Billion Muslims can’t be wrong … Read entire article »

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What is Obama’s end game, why did Braq drive the Nation into extreme Debt then cut the Tax base … insolvency?

At first he said we could pay for all his Socialist Reformation when the Bush Tax Free-Bee ended in 2010 Now that we have all that Socialists Debt, Braq Obama wants to extend the Bush Tax Give A-way … Read entire article »

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