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Gail Donaldson on Central Alabama Business Break

Alabama bankruptcy attorney Gail Donaldson, of Bond, Botes, Shinn & Donaldson, stopped by WSFA’s Central Alabama Business Break. Bond, Botes, Shinn & Donaldson PC, in Selma & Montgomery, Alabama, specializes in stopping foreclosures, repossessions and garnishments. We understand the financial difficulties you are experiencing have far-reaching effects in your life, and we will do all we can to help solve your debt problems and get you back on track. Visit us at or contact one of our offices for a free consultation. Bond, Botes, Shinn & Donaldson, PC 311 Catoma Street Montgomery, AL 36103 1003 Broad Street, Suite C Selma, AL 36701 Tel: 334.264.3363 … Read entire article »

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Pt4. What can cause the Banking System to break down?

Answers the question of whether the currency was actually fully backed by Gold during the Gold Standard era. Also looks at some causes of bank failure, including liquidity crises and insolvency. … Read entire article »

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Future of Europe: Euro break up. Future eurozone? Debt crisis. Future of banks, Economy speaker Future of Euro and eurozone nations. Economy speaker and keynote. Future impact on banking, banks, sovereign debt. Government insolvency, economic stimulus programs. How Euro crisis will unfold. Impact on jobs, deflation, inflation, imports, exports, manufacturing and other industry trends. Pension funds, investment, government debt, spain, portugal, greece, italy, germany, ireland, uk. sovereign wealth funds and demand for government bonds. Cutting government borrowing to meet market demand, analyst action. Impact on unemployment, social unrest, political change and national stability. Economic forecasts with devaluation following ejection from euro. Future of Ireland. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France and UK. Interest rate policy of European Central Bank (ECB). Pension fund investment and fund management. … Read entire article »

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