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Household Budget Manual

Everything You Need To Survive These Hard Economic Times – Learn To Create A Household Budget With This Ebook Manual – Make Money Selling This Book With All The Tools You Need On Our Affiliate Page. High Converting Product! Household Budget Manual … Read entire article »

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Ending Spending: Budget Bandits

Spending more than we bring in is bringing America closer to bankruptcy and will rob future generations of their chance at the American dream. Join the Ending Spending movement & take a stand against the Budget Bandits in Washington. For more information, visit … Read entire article »

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Growth of ODOT budget limited by insolvency of Federal Highway Trust Fund

ODOT discusses gasoline tax revenues … Read entire article »

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Credit Card Debt Management Help – Household Budget + More

An overview of the Budget 4 life Credit Debt Management system. Learn about a progressive financial plan for our changing economy. For more information visit our credit card debt relief website Thank you, Mike Brady Budget4life … Read entire article »

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Retire On Social Security – Live Well On A Budget Of $1,000 A Month

Your Market Is 110,000,000 People Over 55. Most Will Need Help Stretching Their Money In Retirement. This Guide Provides Hundreds Of Money Saving Tips, Like: Get Paid $80,000 A Year To Live In A Mansion, Ocean Living For $10.00 A Day And Much More. Retire On Social Security – Live Well On A Budget Of $1,000 A Month … Read entire article »

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City of Bell is a Microcosm of the State of California – Pedro Carrillo Outlines Budget Options

Pedro Carrillo, the City Administrator for the City of Bell, speaks of the financial challenges the City of Bell faces and the budgetary choices ahead. Mr. Carrillo states the “City of Bell is a Microcosm of the State of California” in that excess spending and pensions are leading the city to a path of insolvency and budgetary actions must be taken to ensure the city budget is in balance. My apologies to Dave Brian of Los Angeles’ KCAL 9 News for my recording his interview of Mr. Carrillo as they stood in front of City Hall in the City of Bell on 1-27-11. … Read entire article »

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Watson Coleman on Shuttering of NJ After 3 Program due to Christie Budget Cuts

In this video press release, Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer) discusses the ramifications of the announced insolvency of NJ After 3, following the elimination of its state funding by Governor Christie in his most recent budget. Founded in 2004, New Jersey After 3 is a public/private partnership program that partners with local community organizations and public schools to expand learning time by more than 40 percent each school day, keeping kids safe, improving student achievement and providing invaluable and affordable support to working families. … Read entire article »

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Paul Ryan Unveils the House Republican Budget Alternative

House Budget Committee Ranking Republican Paul Ryan (WI-01) introduces a comprehensive alternative to the fiscal year 2010 budget proposed by the President and Democratic Majority. In stark contrast to the Obama plan, the House Republican budget alternative will get spending and deficits under control without raising taxes and ensure America can prosper in the future. Ryan issued the following the statement: America is coping with a deep economic recession today, and facing a tidal wave of debt tomorrow. The Presidents budget exploits the current economic crisis to justify trillions in new spending, taxes, and debt. Worse, by failing to address the looming insolvency of our entitlement programs, his plan puts our nation on a path to an even more dire fiscal catastrophe in the future. Republicans must not only act … Read entire article »

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News Panel: The latest on the California budget, education funding, and MUNI

Controller John Chiang docks state lawmakers’ pay until they bring him a balanced budget while Gov. Brown considers his next move. With fifteen percent of California school districts on the brink of financial insolvency, could new tax proposals help stabilize education funding? In the wake of this month’s management shakeup and a new labor contract, San Francisco Muni, the Bay Area’s largest transit system, could be poised for big changes. Guests: Wyatt Buchanan, Sacramento Bureau Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle Ana Tintocalis, Education Reporter, KQED Public Radio Rachel Gordon, City Hall Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle … Read entire article »

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Facing a budget shortfall, why is a Democrats first response ALWAYS raising taxes vs. cutting spending?

It seems that no matter how much revenue comes into Washington, there’s never enough – Democrats and Republicans both have spent money so recklessly that we’re now facing a very serious threat of insolvency. At least Republicans are finally waking up to the impending crisis and are now trying to cut spending. The proposed $61B cuts were a mere flea fart of a budget cut in a hurricane of debt, but at least it was a start. This pittance of a cut was merely 0.435% of the debt, but the Democrats wailed about ‘draconian cuts’ and ‘eating our seed corn’ (Charles Schumer). Less than one half of one percent of our enormous debt is ‘draconian’? Really? The Democrats on the other hand, seem to be genetically inhibited from cutting spending. Spending MY … Read entire article »

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Why haven’t democrats passed a budget in almost two years?

excerpt… For the second year in a row Democrats are refusing to pass a budget. The Republicans have passed a budget in the House but Reid and Senate Democrats have refused to even consider it, knocking down even Obama’s bloated proposal. The new Republican House majority has passed a serious proposal to reform the broken entitlement system and avert national insolvency. Not only has Reid refused to work with the GOP on a budget, but he said it would be ‘foolish’ for Democrats to release one of their own. And last Wednesday, Senate Democrats gave new meaning to the label the ‘Party of No’ when they held a series of four budget votes. Not a single Democrat voted for any budget proposal, including Obama’s own plan, which was rejected by a … Read entire article »

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