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Solving the Debt Problem & Financial Crisis: On Monetary Reform with Ben Dyson

The crisis in banking, housing, debt and unemployment is a single massive and recurring problem that deserves the examination of systemic solutions including monetary reform. After providing an extremely clear and compelling presentation on monetary reform at the 2009 American Monetary Institute Conference, Ben Dyson is interviewed by Local Future founder Aaron Wissner to discuss the causes of the crisis, how banks create money, and how to prevent a recurrence of this crisis in the future, and perhaps to also bring a quicker recovery now. The current monetary system is structured such that most money is created when loans are created. Under the current “fractional reserve” banking system, when a loan is made, 90% or more of the money of bank depositors can be loaned to the borrowers, but at … Read entire article »

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CBS Reports Housing Crisis

As more and more Americans face mortgage foreclosure, banks’ crucial ownership documents for the properties are often unclear and are sometimes even bogus, a condition that’s causing lawsuits and hampering an already weak housing market. Scott Pelley reports. … Read entire article »

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The Ugly Truth About The Housing Crisis Part 1

Mirrored With Permission. Part 1 of 2 parts. The reasons to get out of real estate. … Read entire article »

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Max Keiser – Greek Crisis

Συνταγματική ΕΚΤΡΟΠΗ και για τη συμφωνία στήριξης: * ΨΗΦΙΣΤΕ τον Μax Keiser ΠΡΟΕΔΡΟ: Max Keiser lashing out against Goldman Sachs, defending Greece! Greek subtitles and other effects added. You MUST WATCH this, if you’re interested in the Greek debt crisis and/or the “financial terrorists” causing it (as Max calls them)… UPDATE: Under the headline Plot against the Greeks, Financial Times Deutschland said the aid package was in fact a rescue for Germany and euro zone countries, not Greece, adding: Athens would be better off with insolvency. Thank you, dear Greeks, for allowing us to save you. Thank you for taking our billions, which my tax contributions will have the honour to guarantee. But is it not clear that youre drawing the short straw with this deal? With … Read entire article »

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There Is No EuroZone Crisis, and Welcome Home to the Troops! Your 9 minutes of truth, reason, philosophy and reality, from Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web. … Read entire article »

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Euro Crisis: Germany and France Taking Lead, But Is It Enough to Save the Euro?

Germany and Europe are trying to impose austerity on the rest of the continent, but will it work? Can the European Union keep the Euro, or will the common currency collapse? Is default the only answer for European countries like Greece? Hear what the Front Page regulars think. … Read entire article »

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Shock Doctrine at US Postal Service: Is A Manufactured Crisis Behind Push to Privatize?

www. – Today, postal workers and their supporters are holding events across the country to press their demand for repealing the benefit-funding mandate, and push back against calls for their workplace to be privatized. For months, Americans have heard dire warnings about the impending collapse of the United States Postal Service due to fiscal insolvency and a drop in the use of mail service. In early September, the US Postmaster General told Congress that the USPS is close to default and unveiled a series of radical proposals to cut costs by firing up to 120000 workers, closing several thousand facilities, scaling back deliveries, and reducing benefits for retirees. But many postal workers say the much-touted crisis facing the US Postal Service is not what it seems. They argue the … Read entire article »

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Greek debt crisis – To restructure or not to restructure? | Made in Germany

How can Greece be saved from insolvency? Opinion is divided in Europe. A heated debate has begun among politicians and economists on what course of action is best to take.Some believe the current direction is the one to continue pursuing, with the offer of more bailout loans. Others are demanding a radical restructuring of Greece’s debt. How should Europe help Greece out of the crisis? Reporter Sonja Schock looks at the different sides of the debate. … Read entire article »

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The Tide is Turning 2/2 – Foreclosure Crisis

KICKSTART A NEW AMERICAN DREAM The Foreclosure Crisis: Taking the High Road To View Entire Event: You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. For help join the National Homeowners’ Association. Andrew Cameron Bailey – Moderator, Pro Se Litigant A Kickstarter Campaign Fundraiser for the film “COPS ‘n ROBBERS vs THE PEOPLE: The Death and Rebirth of the American Dream” PANEL Stephen A. Brunette, Esq. Economic Justice Attorney CHANGE THE LAW: Colorado Foreclosure and Real Property Rights Tara Sheahan, founder — Conscious Global Leadership Institute CONSCIOUS BUSINESS LEADERSHIP IN ACTION William Wesson, DDS. Homeowner and Veteran Pro Se Litigant STANDING UP FOR JUSTICE: It takes courage and commitment. MODERATOR Andrew Cameron Bailey, Filmmaker, Pro Se Litigant THE CRIME OF THE MILLENIUM: The Tide is Turning INTRODUCTION Connie Baxter … Read entire article »

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Foreclosure Crisis, South Florida Law – Part 4

Roy Oppenheim talks about the Problems and Solutions for the South Florida foreclosure crisis. For more information visit: or … Read entire article »

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What The Euro Crisis Means For Taxpayers And The US Economy, Pt. II

What The Euro Crisis Means For Taxpayers And The US Economy, Pt. II – House Oversight Committee – 2011-12-16 – Subcommittee on TARP, Financial Services and Bailouts of Public and Private Programs. Witnesses: Mr. William C. Dudley, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Mr. Steven B. Kamin, Acting Director, Division of International Finance, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; Mr. Mark Sobel, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Monetary and Financial Policy, US Department of the Treasury. Video provided by US House of Representatives. … Read entire article »

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