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Better At School, The Essential Guide To Help Kids Improve At School

Better At School Is An Open Door To The Teacher’s Mind. To Help Your Kids Perform At School, You Need To Understand Expectations. After Reading This Book, Your Kids Will Study Independently, Choose The Right Priorities And Put Their School Work First. Better At School, The Essential Guide To Help Kids Improve At School … Read entire article »

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Rift Character Creation Guide Part 1 of 2 – Essential Rift Character Creation Guide Tips & Secrets -Check Out The Top-Rated Rift Guide This Rift Character Creation Guide shows how to make the right choices when create your character, and how to choose the correct shard, origin, race & gender. The Xerxes Guidebook is definitely a complete Rift Mastery Guide. The Xerxes Guide is a detailed step-by-step guide that teaches you how to ace at each and every aspect of Rift. Xerxes guide is the only Rift Mastery guide out there currently that encompasses every aspect of the game play from ranking up to builds to Rifts. Xerxes Rift guide also comes with a Starter guidebook for newbies. There are a lot of new functions and concepts that are unique to Rift. Our Beginners guide is especially designed to help you to get up-to speed to … Read entire article »

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Fractional Reserve Banking — Essential Concepts: Saving Money, Borrowing Money & Systemic Flaws

Children and teenagers, as well as adults, can quickly understand the concept of fractional reserve banking, with very little more that a basic arithmetic background. This 10 minute video walks step-by-step through fraction reserve banking process. The video details the making of a deposit, the creation of a checking account, the determination of how much money is available for lending, the decision of a borrower to commit to a loan, the loan creation process, the difference between high powered money or currency or M0, and easily spendable money including checkbook money and cash held outside banks normally known as M1. The video concludes with a look at how banks do not have enough cash to cover all of the accounts of the depositors, and how various issues with borrowers can … Read entire article »

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