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File Bankruptcy On Taxes

Many people incorrectly assume that they cannot file bankruptcy on taxes. This notion may stem from the prevailing belief in the United States ever since Benjamin Franklin uttered the famous quote: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Liability for income taxes is often a very stressful issue, especially for business owners. Employees usually have their taxes taken out of the paychecks each pay period, so they are prepaid come April 15th. But when it comes business owners, they pay themselves and usually do not set aside the necessary savings to cover their anticipated liability. So tax time rolls around and they stress about how they will meet their obligations to Uncle Sam. The good news, for many people, is that if you have gotten … Read entire article »

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Can I Stop My House Foreclosure if I File Bankruptcy?

Article by Lisa Jones Real estate has been steadily declining since 2007 from their previous highs. Anyone who bought a house in or before the year 2000 should be okay. However, this is dependent upon the fact of them taking equity out or if they refinanced their houses. If these homeowners do not have a steady job, they could be in for a hard time. Some of them had subprime loans to grab their property’s equity to use it for buying an expensive car or boat. The prices have dropped so drastically now that these people are underwater with their mortgages and they owe more on the house than it would sell for. Today, a lot of these loans are becoming due and many people are beginning to panic, trying to … Read entire article »

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How do I file a foreclosure on a property?

I am a lien holder on a property and the person who is buying the property has not paid their taxes and is always late on the payments? Is there a form I can fill out to start the foreclosure process? I live in Harris County, Houston, Texas. Thank you. … Read entire article »

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Is it absolutely necessary to have an attorney to file bankruptcy?

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How should i file my taxes going through a divorce and foreclosure?

My ex wife and I seperated 3/09 We both moved out and left the house go into foreclosure. I haven’t recieved any mail from the mortgage company it all goes to her. I have no idea what she’s doing I have no spoke with her, but i need to file my taxes. Do i file with my w-2s and not worry about any of the house stuff, and do i file married seperated or single? … Read entire article »

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If I file a consolidation loan for three student loans is it legal for them to only consolidate one?

I filed for a student loan consolodation with Great Lakes Borrower Services for three different student loans. I was told I would receive an answer by the second month, I did not, I sent an email asking what was going on and no answer. I then called and was bounced around and never received a call back. After four months went by I sent an angry email requesting they cancel everything. Funny how it should be the loan was filed shortly thereafter, I was never contacted about the approval of this loan not via mail or email. The funny thing is they only put through one loan.. Why the heck would I even have bothered? Now my one loan has moved from one lender to great lakes and my interest … Read entire article »

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Which State Should I File Bankruptcy In?

If you live in one state and work in another, which state do you file bankruptcy in? St. Louis bankruptcy attorney James Brown explains how he helps clients determine whether to file Missouri bankruptcy or Illinois bankruptcy. … Read entire article »

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If i File Bankruptcy do i need to go to court? 800-728-3363 800-SAVEDME. Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Ryke of the Second Start Bankruptcy Law Firm talks about the Truth about Bankruptcy. You can speak to him directly. Here he explains why you need to go to court when you file for bankruptcy. … Read entire article »

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I am completely cluess and need to file bankruptcy what do I say when I call the attorney’s office?

How do I even start the process? What exactly should I say on the phone when I call the attorney? Sorry for being so “duh”. … Read entire article »

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After a free consult w/ a bankruptcy attorney he quoted fee of $3k of which 50% had to be paid to file by 2/28?

I paid $1040 2-4-11 of $1750 needed before 2-28. Then on 2-23-11 decided not to file bankruptcy & requested a refund. I received an itemization 3.5 hrs & refund of $165. I was billed at $250/ hr including charges for the free consult. I disputed the refund indicating I didn’t sign a contract agreeing to the hourly rate.i offered 1.5 hrs based on his itemization for hours after the free consultation. I did not provide the documents he requested from me to file the case only the down payment. The attorney admitted as stated on the consult estimate that a separate contract should have been provided to sign upon retaining his services & refunded $500. A contract beyond the initial consult was never provided or signed. Am I entitled to … Read entire article »

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Will I Lose My Personal Property If I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy attorney with a general response on personal property exemptions when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Brim Law, LLC 300 Colonial Center Parkway Suite 100 Roswell, Georgia 30076 (678) 353-3350 GENERAL DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this video or on our website is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. For legal advice or counsel you should consult directly with an attorney. Contacting our firm via our website, email, fax, phone or other means of communication does not create a client-attorney relationship. Do not send any confidential information until a formal attorney-client relationship has been established. … Read entire article »

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