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Solving the Debt Problem & Financial Crisis: On Monetary Reform with Ben Dyson

The crisis in banking, housing, debt and unemployment is a single massive and recurring problem that deserves the examination of systemic solutions including monetary reform. After providing an extremely clear and compelling presentation on monetary reform at the 2009 American Monetary Institute Conference, Ben Dyson is interviewed by Local Future founder Aaron Wissner to discuss the causes of the crisis, how banks create money, and how to prevent a recurrence of this crisis in the future, and perhaps to also bring a quicker recovery now. The current monetary system is structured such that most money is created when loans are created. Under the current “fractional reserve” banking system, when a loan is made, 90% or more of the money of bank depositors can be loaned to the borrowers, but at … Read entire article »

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Attract Financial Success And Eliminate Negative Behaviours

An Ultra-powerful Brainwave Tri-liminal Soundwave Program To Crank Your Mind Into High Gear. Attract Financial Success, Achieve Personal Goals, And Eliminate Negative Habits And Behaviors. All This Is Achieved On Auto-pilot. Attract Financial Success And Eliminate Negative Behaviours … Read entire article »

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Has anyone used Federated Financial Counseling Services, Corp (out of Florida) to help with Debt Consolidation

Has anyone used Federated Financial Counseling Services, Corp (out of Florida) to help with Debt Consolidation? They are based in Deerfield Beach-Florida. Are they a good company to work with? Are the reputable & trust-worthy? I’ve tried dealing with my creditors, but they can’t help me. … Read entire article »

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Where can I get financial consultation or advice on student loans, consolidation, credit scores and mortgages?

I am a graduate student nearing graduation and have a heafty student loan around 160k. In addition, my credit score is poor because of a few missed payments. I would like to talk with someone who can give me unbiased advice on how to tackle my student loans as well as provide insight on possibly buying a house, consolidating my debt and raising my credit score. … Read entire article »

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Collection agency, CFO financial still calls me even though I provided them my bankruptcy attorney’s info?

I will be filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and I paid $1800 to the bankruptcy lawyer. The attorney advised me that if I get any collection agency calls, I tell them to contact him instead of me talking to them. So per his advise, I keep telling creditors that if they have any questions, they kindly contact my bankruptcy attorney instead of calling me. However, a collection agency named CFO financial says that they will still continue calling me for payment regardless of the fact that i provided them the lawyer info. Isn’t this harassment? The collection agency clearly knows it I cannot pay and they know it I have retained a bankruptcy lawyer and they know it well chapter 7 is on the way. However they insist … Read entire article »

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I need financial advice about unpaid bills and voluntary loan default?

If you don’t feel like reading my long story, skip to my questions below: My situation is complex. I filed for bankruptcy two years ago due to thousand of dollars in medical bills and a car repossesion. It was discharged, I was on my way back to the top and then I got laid off from my job. With my limited income, I had to prioritize and therefore I had to let some bills go. Even after almost two years, I have not been able to find a full time job. I am currently working two part time jobs with no health insurance. My priorties were paying rent, utilities, back taxes, student loans and my car payment. Now I have gotten to the point … Read entire article »

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Personal Loan affect Financial Aid?

I am currently a grad student and I get both an unsubsidized and subsidized loan to pay for school (About $15,000 per year). With Christmas coming up I was thinking about refinancing a personal loan I have in order to help offset the cost of Christmas travel and presents, but was wondering if this will affect next semester’s financial aid? (I.E., not allowing me to borrow more money for school, or cutting down the amount I could borrow.) The personal loan is only for $2,000. I have good credit and don’t have any huge loans out in my name, just this personal loan and a couple of small (under $500) credit cards. Yes, these are Stafford loans. As for the term “refinancing”, what it means is that I took out a … Read entire article »

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Julian Stafford & Ian Woodley, Now Financial Partners, Wins Business Rescue Funder of the Year

The Insolvency & Rescue Awards 2009. … Read entire article »

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Is refinancing the only way to remove a sibling from financial obligation on a mortgage?

I own a house with sibling, he wants to buy his own house and be removed from mortgage and title. … Read entire article »

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Preferred Financial Services – Debt Services

Tired of making outrageous credit card payments? See how much you can save per month! – Save over 50% of what you owe and live debt free in 24 months. # Preferred Financial Services Financial assistance through debt settlement services. – Cached -… … Read entire article »

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How do I find out if “Goal Financial student loan consolidation center is legitimate?

This is a lending firm for student loans is it an accreditated lending institution? Main office located @ 9477 Waples St. Suite 100 in SanDiego, Ca 92121 … Read entire article »

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