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GMAC’s Announcement to Stop Foreclosures in 23 States, Attorney Roy Oppenheim Responds Roy Oppenheim of Oppenheim Law responds to the GMAC Announcement to Stop Foreclosures in 23 States. … Read entire article »

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Foreclosure Defese Secrets Foreclosures Houses Bank Homes List Foreclosed House This program is a necessity for any homeowner facing foreclosure or even just behind on their mortgage. Foreclosure Defense Secrets was written by a foreclosure attorney and reaveals all of the legal tricks that the banks dont want the public to know. … Read entire article »

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Real Estate Workshop: The Future of Foreclosures by Oppenheim Law With home prices down, retail sales up and the stock market surging, Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Roy Oppenheim predicts the headwinds and tailwinds for the 2011 real estate economy at his next Foreclosure Defense Workshop on January 12, 2011 streaming live from Boca Raton, FL. http If Florida Real Estate posted a Facebook status, it might read: “In foreclosure”. How will last year’s foreclosure fraud meltdown impact this year’s foreclosure defense strategies? As the Florida real estate market sputters into 2011, Oppenheim Law presents a free real estate workshop covering the future of foreclosure defense, a guide to Florida homeowners looking to buy, sell or even walk away from homeownership in 2011. “While the recent fall in home prices and record unemployment rates are headwinds slowing down the economy, … Read entire article »

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Toxic Foreclosures and Foreclosure Fraud Workshop by Roy Oppenheim Part 2 Roy Oppenheim Urges Florida Homeowners Make That Call Transcript: November Foreclosure Defense Workshop At a glance, the law is very short and innocuous, but when you consider its implications, it becomes very clear that the reason this went to the Senate about a week ago, is as a result of the GMAC crisis, and that of Chase and Bank of America, the timing of which was identical. You can actually call the White House and state your views as to the bill and they do in fact tally these comments up. You’ll get some college kid whose father paid a lot of money to get him a great internship, whose job it is to take down the details of what you say. So you can in fact call and … Read entire article »

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Why so many foreclosures? Are Americans destined to be homeless?

Many Americans have refinanced their homes to payoff previous debts. I refinanced to pay off a student loan and other small debts. I do not own a credit card. I am now losing my home because the interest is making my payment to high. Along with the rising prices of food, insurance,gas, clothes. I have medical insurance but what good is it if you can’t pay the deductible. Prescription drugs are outragious even with insurance. My paycheck is still the same. Mortgage companies are robbing people of the livihood. Why can’t mortgages be recalulated be fit what people CAN afford. This country is heading for a huge downfall if we are losing our homes. The county where I live has over 400,000 homes in … Read entire article »

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Build Massive Wealth With Foreclosures.

Step By Step Formula For Building Massive Wealth Through Real Estate Foreclosures. Affiliates Earn Up To $76. Build Massive Wealth With Foreclosures. … Read entire article »

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Temporary Restraining Order on Foreclosures

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Honest John – Illegal Foreclosures

Banks are illegally foreclosing on veterasns and others … Read entire article »

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Law Students Fight Foreclosures

A group of students in the southern state of Florida is taking its studies to the streets. The law students from Florida A&M University are going door-to-door in low-income neighborhoods to educate residents about property foreclosures and loan refinancing scams. … Read entire article »

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KPRC News in Houston Interviews Attorney Chris D. Collings about Houston Foreclosures

Chris Collings is a Houston foreclosure attorney that discusses the housing market and foreclosures in the Houston area. Attorney Chris D. Collings can be reached at … Read entire article »

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Yarmuth Urges Action to Stop Illegal Foreclosures on Active Duty Troops

During an Oversight and Government Reform Committee Hearing featuring testimony from consumer watchdog Dr. Elizabeth Warren, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-03) urges colleagues to take action to stop banks from illegally foreclosing on US Servicemembers. … Read entire article »

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