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Clearwater Foreclosures Bankruptcy Attorney, Bankruptcy For Bankruptcy Foreclosure Attorney Bruce R. Insana Clearwater Tampa Bay Florida Law Firm, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Largo Free Initial Legal Consultation to Review Your Case … Read entire article »

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Foreclosures and the Status of Banks and the Economy – No More Foreclosure Rally San Diego http Homeowners 4 Hope is an organization that is trying to keep families in their homes and avoid foreclosures. Frustrated by the lack of effort on the part of large banks to restructure loans Homeowners 4 Hope launched as a grass roots campaign to unite homeowners and send a message to congressional members and banks that more needs to be done to make banks work with home owners and via restructuring loans. In this video mortgage broker Dave McDonald talks about the current housing situation and what is coming down the pipeline for homeowners as banks consolidate power. If you have a foreclosure story to share or would like to volunteer to help get this message out visit the website or . In this video mortgage brokers … Read entire article »

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MERS Foreclosure Fraud – Stopping Foreclosures (MIRROR)

Original post Please go to the original post for all links! Also… if you feel this is as important as I do please mirror the original vid! Point folks back there for the links! This lady is very smart and knows what she is talking about! This could help a lot of folks! … Read entire article »

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Ordinance to maintain foreclosures

Rio Rancho considers new laws on foreclosures … Read entire article »

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Las Vegas Real Estate Market (Foreclosures) November 2011 Update

Realtor Barbara DeMarco discusses the current Las Vegas real estate market and foreclosure conditions for November 2011. She also discusses the new Nevada law that affects Nevada home foreclosures. For more information, contact Realtor Barbara DeMarco (702) 290-5905 or visit her website at: Video produced by the Las Vegas Real Estate Coop … Read entire article »

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Attorney: More mistakes on horizon as foreclosures climb

The story of Shawn Hill’s battle for his Tampa house starts with a knock on the door. “He said, ‘I’m here to serve you a notice of foreclosure,’” Hill recounted. … Read entire article »

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What is the title name of an attorney that handles foreclosures?

Actually looking for lists of places for sale.I don’t own a home. … Read entire article »

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Nacol Law Firm PC – Foreclosures

Dallas attorney Mark A. Nacol has been serving clients facing foreclosure in the Dallas — Fort Worth Metroplex area for over 30 years. If you have received notice of foreclosure or you believe that your home has been improperly foreclosed on, contact counsel immediately. It is far easier, more effective and less costly to stop a foreclosure from taking place before the fact than it is to reverse a foreclosure after the fact. … Read entire article »

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Tax Issues with Foreclosures and Short Sales

Las Vegas Attorney: So, the IRS wants $70000 because of your foreclosure or short sale from last year. This is one of several reasons why we do foreclosure and short sale planning. Perhaps you thought the Primary Residence Exemption applied or the Insolvency Exemption or Bankruptcy—You need to study up on the details of the requirements because there are common errors people are making (addressed by this video). And some people can legally avoid this tax with a little planning. There are several planning issues to foreclosures or short sales that you need to know about: Don’t go into it blind. This video is only for educational purposes and is no substitute for legal advice catered to your specific circumstances. Courtesy of The Law Office of Eric Earley, Ltd. … Read entire article »

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Did George Bush create a new law regarding foreclosures?

I wanted to know if George Bush created a law regarding foreclosures on homes. I heard he gave a 90 day waiting period for homeowners and banks to work something out. Is this true? If so please explain. … Read entire article »

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Warren Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney – Reduction of Foreclosures in Michigan? Macomb County Bankruptcy Attorney, Michael Greiner addresses the misinformation being put out by the media regarding mortgage companies reducing or postponing foreclosures in Michigan. The Financial Law Group is located in Warren, Michigan in Macomb County. The Financial Law Group provides Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy services throughout Macomb County, Oakland County, St. Clair County and Wayne County and across Southeast Michigan. … Read entire article »

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