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Toxic Foreclosures and Foreclosure Fraud Workshop by Roy Oppenheim Part 1 Roy Oppenheim Addresses Those Who Have Recently Purchased a Home Through Illegal Foreclosure Oppenheim Law Foreclosure Defense Workshop: Transcript The third group of people to consider is those who have recently purchased a home through a foreclosure, which may have been done illegally. What should we call these people, any ideas? I refer to these people with dirty titles, however this is ironic because they are the ones who have been helping bail out the economy. These are the investors. These people have been taking their hard cash that they still have left, looking for good deals, and helping propel the economy back to life. Without such people, the prices would continue to drop. Back in 2008, everything had stopped. There was no buying or selling, the market was … Read entire article »

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Consumer Credit Card Consolidation Fraud

Consumer credit card debt, credit cards, consumer debt … Read entire article »

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LAW OFFICES OF DAVID J. STERN, CHERYL SAMONS, MERS, DJSP FORECLOSURE FRAUD Law Offices Of DAVID J. STERN ESQ PA CHERYL SAMONS in her DEPOSITION states: She is not a Paid Employee for MERS, Does not answer to ANY President, Any Supervisors, Attends NO Meetings…Heck she doesn’t even know where any offices are for MERS!!! BUT SHE DOES KNOW SHE IS AN ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR MERS. HMMM I WONDER WHO SHE ANSWERS TO IN THIS LAW FIRM?These belong right up there with the works of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Erica Johnson-Seck, Roger Stotts & Dennis Kirkpatrick! I can’t wait for DMV to allow anyone FOR A FEE to assign auto Titles too!! Or has this occured all ready…I am too tired to check! Lynn I am working on your LAMBORGHINI Question: What entity should I assign … Read entire article »

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Oppenheim Law Workshop – Toxic Foreclosure and Foreclosure Fraud – Part 6 If you think of Humpty Dumpty as the Mortgage and Note, and you break it apart (as what occurred on Wall Street), when the Notes were broken into pieces and the mortgages were assigned to Mortgage Electronic Recording System (MERS), the fact is that it may well be nearly impossible to bring the mortgages and their corresponding Notes all back together again. Plain and simple! Banks Under Siege This is why the banks are now under siege. Banks are accused of fraud and perjury in trying to put the Note and mortgage back together. In fact, The New York Times is running Foreclosures Slow as Document Flaws Emerge today as its lead story. The Sun Sentinel quotes Nova law professor, Robert Jarvis (an old Bronx Science classmate of mine) … Read entire article »

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MERS Foreclosure Fraud – Stopping Foreclosures (MIRROR)

Original post Please go to the original post for all links! Also… if you feel this is as important as I do please mirror the original vid! Point folks back there for the links! This lady is very smart and knows what she is talking about! This could help a lot of folks! … Read entire article »

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The next housing shock, Bank Fraud Robo Signing for Forclosure

Originally Aired in April 3, 2011. 60 minutes exposes the banks and their hired contractors willfully committing fraud. As more and more Americans face mortgage foreclosure, banks’ crucial ownership documents for the properties are often unclear and are sometimes even bogus, a condition that’s causing lawsuits and hampering an already weak housing market. Scott Pelley reports. … Read entire article »

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foreclosure fraud 10-21-2010 The foreclosure fraud crisis seems to escalate with each passing day now. It is being reported that all 50 US states have launched a joint investigation into alleged fraud in the mortgage industry. Many are now referring to this crisis as “Foreclosure-Gate” … Read entire article »

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What Is A Loan With Fraud?

Are you asking yourself: how do I stop foreclosure? You may have even been telling your lender, “Help me stop foreclosure.” Eagle Audit Services can assist in giving you the necessary information to stop foreclosure. Save your home. Additionally, you may be asking, “What is foreclosure?” Foreclosure is a legal process whereby a lender must go through certain legal steps to reclaim property that was secured (collateralized) by a defaulted loan. Furthermore the borrower gave a mortgage to the lender for purposes of securing the home loan. Most homes have been collateralized when a home loan was issued to the borrower. What is a loan that hasn’t been collateralized? These are “unsecured” loans. If your lender cannot produce the note, then your loan is technically “unsecured” and the bank cannot … Read entire article »

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Hertfordshire Police Service UK Anarchy Tragically Linked Biggest Bank Fraud Carroll Case

Latest American and British media reports on the Carroll Foundation Trust one billion dollars offshore tax evasion fraud case have stated that the Hertfordshire Police Service and Harpenden Police Station officers continue to retain compelling criminal evidence dossiers which are thought to name a resident of Harpenden Michael J Colville the former finance director of the Carroll Global Corporation. It is understood that Michael Colville incorporated fraudulent Delaware USA registered corporations in association with Andrew Wiggett & Co a Harpenden based accountancy firm to effectively provide a criminal screen for this massive fraud heist operation which stretches the globe. It is understood that the UK Insolvency Service Inspector-General Stephen Speed “in concert” with Paul Titherington the High Court appointed official also retain a further complete lockdown of the GJH Carroll … Read entire article »

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Max Keiser: Congress Will Try — By Secret Vote — to Retroactively Legalize Foreclosure Fraud 1/2

Call Congress and Say NO HR 3808 Washington’s Blog Nov 17, 2010 As I’ve previously noted, forgery of mortgage documents is systematic and widespread. See this, this, this, this and this. Yves Smith pointed out last month that congressional bill HR 3808 is an attempt to paper over rampant criminality by the big banks regarding forged mortgage documents: We are seeing more recognition of the consequences of this [widespread problem] , which in more polite company might be called, “My dog ate your mortgage.” ***One sighting (hat tip 4ClosureFraud) is the effort by the Ohio Secretary of State to enlist support against a proposed measure to allow for electronic notarizations. The Secretary hints strongly that this measure being put forward is directly related to the revelation of affidavit improprieties, which … Read entire article »

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History of bank fraud and what you can do about it!

Bankers, the elite and corrupt politicians are running this country into the ground. United we stand. free information on how to take action and defend your rights! … Read entire article »

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