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Calgary Bankruptcy Question How Wage Garnishment Works in Alberta Bromwich & Smith specializes in resolving personal and corporate insolvency-related problems such as surplus income in Alberta. Visit us now or contact us at 403 266-6665, email or come in for a free consultation. … Read entire article »

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Will retaining a bankruptcy attorney stop my wage garnishment?

I have a lot of old debt from my younger years which I never took care of. I never could afford to either pay it off or to hire an attorney to file BK. Now I have 1 of the companies that just put in a wage garnishment for me and is taking about $50 a week, money which I need to be paying my daycare provider for my girls. My wife and I have talked about getting an attorney, but we know we cannot afford to pay the full amount up front and that it may take a few months or so before we have the entire amount available to pay the attorney. I also know that you can just pay a retainer fee in most cases and … Read entire article »

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Southaven MS Garnishment Repossession & Foreclosure Attorney 888-341-8136 Heidi S. Milam, Attorney at Law, PLLC explains how filing for bankruptcy can help stop garnishment, repossession and foreclosure. Contact the Southaven, Mississippi lawyer for bankruptcy representation. … Read entire article »

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Marysville Bankruptcy Attorney Sacramento Foreclosure & Wage Garnishment Lawyer California 888-342-9913 the attorneys of Cook & Gushi in Marysville, California practice bankruptcy & serve the greater Sacramento area. The attorneys help stop foreclosure & wage garnishment while developing a plan for a fresh start. … Read entire article »

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