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Secure Your House with the Making Home Affordable Plan

Article by Scott Pasinski Losing your house in one of the worst things that can happen to any family. Unfortunately, when something comes up and you are suddenly unable to pay for your monthly mortgage, the reality of losing one’s home becomes a cause for fear and concern. Because of this you have to take action at once in order to save your house. Before, you would have to sacrifice a lot of other things just to be able to save your house. But now, with the making home affordable plan, you wouldn’t have to compromise your other priorities just to keep your house. This plan modifies your existing mortgage payment scheme to make it more comfortable for you. This plan helps you allot more money on your other priorities and still … Read entire article »

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Can I Stop My House Foreclosure if I File Bankruptcy?

Article by Lisa Jones Real estate has been steadily declining since 2007 from their previous highs. Anyone who bought a house in or before the year 2000 should be okay. However, this is dependent upon the fact of them taking equity out or if they refinanced their houses. If these homeowners do not have a steady job, they could be in for a hard time. Some of them had subprime loans to grab their property’s equity to use it for buying an expensive car or boat. The prices have dropped so drastically now that these people are underwater with their mortgages and they owe more on the house than it would sell for. Today, a lot of these loans are becoming due and many people are beginning to panic, trying to … Read entire article »

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Prevent Foreclosure of House with HARP Program

If you are struggling home owner who is in the adjustable rate mortgage slab, not able to make monthly mortgage payments; than Government making home affordable refinance program (HARP) is here to help you. Millions of homeowners as the result of financial crunch have not been consistent with their mortgage payments, and which is why federal government has come up with various programs, and HARP is one of them. If you’re presently in an adjustable rate mortgage and finding yourself having problem coming up with the monthly installments, you’re in the same place as millions of other Americans are. Fortunately, there is help for everyone, counting you that are having complexity. You could avoid foreclosure through Obama’s home affordable refinance program. The main matter is that numbers of homes are now … Read entire article »

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In a foreclosure am I entittled to pay any liens on the house?

I am going through a strict foreclosure, in CT. I have a lien from a second mortgage and that mortgager is still trying to collect on that debt, should I still be paying on that or will that lien be taken care of through the foreclosure. What are my rights if any in this matter? … Read entire article »

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What happens to the renters when the house goes into foreclosure?

My friend moved into a rental home a few weeks ago. Today she was out in her front yard and the neighbor told her that the owners are in the process of foreclosure. She was not aware when she signed the lease and also put down a damage deposit. ♦What will happen when the house gets auctioned? ♦What will happen to her damage deposit? ♦Is she S.O.L or what are her rights? … Read entire article »

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How can you find out if a house is in foreclosure in Chicago?

My friend is a renter and she has rec’d letters addressed to the owner regarding foreclosure. She wants to know if she should start looking for another place. … Read entire article »

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Has anyone been taken off a mortgage note without refinancing or selling the house?

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Foreclosure Defese Secrets Foreclosures Houses Bank Homes List Foreclosed House This program is a necessity for any homeowner facing foreclosure or even just behind on their mortgage. Foreclosure Defense Secrets was written by a foreclosure attorney and reaveals all of the legal tricks that the banks dont want the public to know. … Read entire article »

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Real Estate Guide – How To Rent My House Guide!

This Step By Step Guide Holds Your Hand From Tenant Selection To Filling Out The Lease. Learn The Secrets The Pros Use And Stop Listing That Home In A Market That Will Never Sell. Real Estate Guide – How To Rent My House Guide! … Read entire article »

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Does Refinancing the house or filing bankruptcy make your mortgage payment go up?

My dad just recently seen a 20,000 increase to the house mortgage … Read entire article »

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Student purchasing a house, need help finding money?

I found a great deal on a house i want to purchase. The house is only $49,000 and probably needs around 10k in work. So worst case scenario is 60k. I can get approved for a rehab loan, but they have too many stipulations. (plans, certified contractors, 1st time classes) and that would at least double my repair cost, since i plan on fixing it myself. I have 10k saved so i need around 40k to purchase the house. After i fix it, i can then get a conventional mortage. So i need to find money for 6 months, then pay it off. Where should i get this extra cash. Can i get a student loan. I have mostly scholarships and currently … Read entire article »

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