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how to go about refinancing a mortgage that is already more than the house is worth?

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LaRouche Webcast: Aug 1, 2009 – Fall of the House of Windsor Lyndon LaRouche delivers the leadership role that our nation needs. Warning that we have less than two months until the US economy fully disintegrates, unless his reforms are in place, LaRouche uniquely presents the solutions to our existential crisis bankruptcy reorganization, his 4-powers agreement, an international credit system… and reviving the manned space program. Watch his continuing dialog with the factions of the US institutions now gathering to fight for his policy… we don’t have much time left. … Read entire article »

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Refinancing a house to pay off bills?

If I have 20k in equity in my home, and owe that much for my car loan AND credit card, would it be wise to refinance my house to pay those off? Or should I protect the equity in my home and leave it untouched? My mtg rate is around 6 %…my credit card rate is 13% and my car loan is 8.6%. I also owe $20,000 in student loans, and figured if I wasn’t paying on my car and credit cards then I could pay lots more on my student loans and pay those off sooner. … Read entire article »

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Laura’s House – The Legal Guardian Program

Learn about the Legal Guardian Program in which Laura’s House partners with selected law firms to educate and provide legal representation to victims of domestic abuse. … Read entire article »

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Which of these 32 reasons should the Republican House of Representatives Majority use to impeach Obama?

1. He has violated his oath to defend the US Constitution by exercising powers forbidden by the Constitution. 2. He has used public money to purchase private companies. 3. He has illegally tried to use public money to create publicly owned companies. 4. He has embezzled public money allocated by Congress for rescuing distressed private financial institutions, and used it to purchase automobile manufacturing companies. 5. He has given our public money to finance foreign automobile companies. 6. He has given our public money to a foreign state to finance their state-run oil company while refusing to allow us to develop our own oil resources. 7. He has violated the principle of balance of powers by usurping Congress’ role of law maker. 8. He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the … Read entire article »

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How does going onto a Debt consolidation repayment plan affect buying a house?

We are looking at an unsecured debt repayment plan through a third party debt consolidation company. Can we buy a house while we are on that plan? … Read entire article »

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8451 Entreken Pl San Diego 92129 Rancho Penasquitos House For Sale Day 2 Remodel Walkthrough 1-10-12

Kucan & Clark Partners, LLC just saved another homeowner from foreclosure by purchasing this short sale. We are currently on day 2 of this semi complete renovation. Stay tuned for updated videos of this remodel. Visit We help Homeowners, investors and Realtors Stop and Avoid Foreclosure in San Diego. Whether you are considering Loan Modification, Bankruptcy, or a Short Sale, we can help. No matter your situation or location or type of property you have, even if it needs repairs or it’s upsidedown, you can count on us to give you your best options for stopping foreclosure in San DIego. We never charge a fee and working with us is free. We are cash buyers, will negotiate with your bank, meet the BPO, and take care of escrow and … Read entire article »

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Do we have to use 1003 Loan Application when we purchase residential house?

Hi Year 2006 I purchased house ($625K). I hired mortgage broker and he applied loan for me. BB&T was my lender and loan was approved in 20 days. I put $125K for deposit and got $500K loan. Last year one of my friend told me that BB&T is not a wholesale lender. There must be a loan officer. I was wondering because from the begging to the end I was contacted by my mortgage broker. He was acting like BB&T was a wholesale lender. I requested full documents from the lender and I reviewed it. When I saw Loan Application I was confused because it was not 1003 Loan Application. It was Bank’s Retail Loan application. I am not sure but I think that retail loan application is for personnel loan, student … Read entire article »

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We would like to buy the vacant lot next to our house while refinancing our current mortgage.?

We would like this to all be in one loan. Does anyone have experience doing this and do you usually have to buy the lot first and then refinance? If not, what kind of down payment is usually required to make this all happen? Thanks. … Read entire article »

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What happens to the tenants if my Arizona rental house is foreclosed?

Lawrence Pew, Pew Law Center, – (480) 525-5351. Arizona Foreclosure Defense Law FAQs: Disclaimer: … Read entire article »

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Horrible credit, Need loan for house?

I need a mortgage for a house that I am not sure it’s value but it’s for sale for 70,000 just because its a family friend. It’s in a desirable area and we want it bad. My husband and I filed bankruptcy about a year ago and the last time we checked our fico score it was 500 or less. But that was because none of the bankruptcy stuff was on there and alot of the stuff was on there twice. We are also refinancing a student loan which will bring it up in about 30-45 days. I need to get the loan for about 80,000 so I can do repairs. I live in KY. I know with my first house which we foreclosed on during bankruptcy ( only because … Read entire article »

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