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If your husband, on your first married Valentine’s Day together, buys you a gift online ON VDay, is that okay?

We have been married for 6 months. He has screwed up a Valentine’s gift in the past, and knows that I had high hopes for romance for this one. So he went out ON VALENTINE’S DAY to “find me something”, and ended up buying me some perfume online, and printing out a photo of it to put in a card. I thought it was sweet until he showed me the receipt today, and I saw that it was ordered halfway through the day on V-Day. Now I feel like an afterthought, and it really makes me feel like he doesn’t care that much. I am not flipping out on him or anything, I just told him I thought that was kinda crappy, and left it … Read entire article »

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should my husband and i settle our debt or should we go through a debt consolidation?

We are about $2300.00 in debt with alliance one and i think $900.00 in capitol one. We have a debt consolidation with Federated Financial. But I was thinking that maybe we should just settle with both of the debts ourselves because federated financial charges $29.00 a month and it will take us like 3 years to pay it off, if we go through them. What is the best choice? … Read entire article »

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How can I get a debt consolidation loan? Everybody’s turning my husband and I down for too much credit!?

My husband and I are trying to straighten out our finances because we have a lot of debt (credit cards mostly) and we want to buy a house. Everyone tells us that getting a a debt consolidation loan will help because we can combine all of our debts into one monthly payment, but we kept getting turned down or offered a low amount because we have too much credit being used. What’s the point of a debt consolidation loan if your too much in debt? … Read entire article »

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Husband cosigned ex-wife’s private student loan. She’s not paying. Can he file BK to relieve his obligation?

She agreed to assume responsibility for the student loan through the divorce decree. Now she isn’t making payments and it’s destroying my husband’s credit; so badly that we cannot refinance our home (or get credit for anything). We have very little debt, but she has made it apparent she won’t pay. How else can he get out from under this? … Read entire article »

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I am going through a divorce and my husband wants off of the mortgage – how do I do this w/out refinancing?

We currently have 2 mortgages on a 2-year-old house. One of the mortgage companies is allowing me to take over the mortgage, but the mortgage company that has the lesser of the 2 mortgages will not. We cannot refinance since there is not enough equity in the home to do so. What else can I do? … Read entire article »

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Hello, Is there anyone familiar with foreclosure laws in WA state, my husband lost his house due to foreclosur?

Also the house he got here in AZ was sold but a short sale. the house in AZ had two loan mortages, but my question is how come the one mortage company is still sending him the papers on how much he owed when I thought in Az, if its short sale they cant go after him. … Read entire article »

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When you filing Bankruptcy with husband and get separated?

If were going to file chapter 13 bankruptcy but want to separate before filing because it will help us pay less monthly if we have more expenses, will they get suspicious even if we get legally separated? … Read entire article »

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How does my husband filing bankruptcy affect me?

I am currently am not living with and about to file for legal separation from my husband. He just told me he is filing bankruptcy, he owns a construction company that’s had a hard year. We are not ready to call it quits yet and divorce, but I want to protect myself. We have no joint accounts and my name is not even on the house he’s living in or associated with his business. Even if we get a legal separation will I still be affected by his bankruptcy? We live in Oregon. … Read entire article »

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How would my husband file a claim for wages against his employer that claimed bankruptcy?

I am not sure who to call or how we would file a claim for wages. My husband was laid off due to the company claiming bankruptcy. The labor board was not much help. What’s steps do we need to take in North Carolina to get this taken care of? Thank you so much for your help! … Read entire article »

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