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How much does a co-signer affect your interest rate on a car loan?

I have really bad credit – an early lesson learned. It is on the rebound ( I am paying off my collections one by one). I am out of school and have a ton of student loan debt. I wanted to drive my current car longer but it is giving out on me. I can’t get a decent car loan because of my credit. My current car payment is $250 a month and I have no problem paying it with my income. I ran into some major financial trouble 2 years ago and was 60 days late 3 times in a row. Since then, I am out of college, have a good job… etc. Anyway, a relative has offered to co-sign … Read entire article »

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What is the interest rate for private student loan consolidation at SallieMae? Their website says the following: Interest rate: Interest rates are variable and reset monthly. Private student loans, not federal loans. I found the answer on their site. It’s Prime (8.26% today) plus 0-6% depending on credit worthiness, changing monthly. … Read entire article »

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how to take advantage of low mortgage interest rates?

My husband and I have lived in our home for 6 years. when we financed we split our loan (1st and 2nd mortgage) to avoid PMI. Three years ago, I completed my education and of course ended up with large student loans. We refinanced our 2nd mortgage…..RESPONSIBLY to help lower the interest of the student loan rates. After looking into the new low interest rates for mortgages, we are discouraged because of the housing market we are now upside down, and unable to take advantage of these incredible rates. I am wondering if anyone could guide us in a way that we would be able to qualify for the rates????? … Read entire article »

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Interest Rates on Student Loan Consolidation?

I just graduated and I am trying to consolidate my student loans. Right now, they are with two different comapanies which offered me a 7.14% and 7.25% interest rate respectively. I called another company who had sent me literature, and they offered a 6.125% rate for the first 36 on time payments, then it will drop to 5.875% after that. I thought this was a good deal, but people keep telling me that it is an awfully high interest rate on a student loan. Does anyone know if a lower one can be found anywhere, and if so with what company? Is this about the best deal I will be able to get? … Read entire article »

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Is 5.375% the lowest interest rate you can get on student loan consolidation?

This is the deal Graduate Leverage gave me on a 25yr. payment plan for $31,500 in student loans. My payments came out to only $173 a month. Is this as good a deal as I am going to get on consolidation? (1% is taken off the interest rate after 17 timely payments with a .25% deduction taken off for automatic withdrawal ) … Read entire article »

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Can debt relief services affect your credit if you use them to lower your interest rate?

I am planning to sign up for Care One debt relief services to help me consolidate my CC debt. Do you think this will actually work? will this affect my credit rating? Does anyone have an opinion about this company and their services. I was reading their blog and for the most part it sounds like it really works but I’m trying to search for more answers. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or feedback. … Read entire article »

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what student loan debt consolidation company has the lowest interest?

what student loan debt consolidation company has the lowest interest ill have around 110,000 dollars in debt by the time i finish my masters … Read entire article »

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who gets to claim the interest on this loan?

I took out 2 loans to pay for college. One was a federal loan with a 3.5% interest rate for $28K, this loan is in my name. The other was a sallie mae student signature loan for $36k at about 10%, this is in my fathers name, even though I make the payments. My father refinanced the loan to a better rate of 8.5% with a Line of Credit loan, and then refinanced again with a home equity loan with an interest rate of 6.9%, which is what it is in now. First -is this equity loan deductible? or has it lost its “deductability” because it is no longer a real student loan? Second- if so, can I claim it on my taxes? because I make the payments? … Read entire article »

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Student Loan Consolidation Interest Rates … Read entire article »

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How does the interest rate cut affect my student loans?

Can I consolidate/refinance again and get a lower interest rate? I last consolidated in June 2006, and pay 4.5% interest. … Read entire article »

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Did I know my student loan interest when I signed?

I have a large sum of private loans. $34,000 total spread between 4 loans. The interest balances out to about 12%. I have researched ways to refinance or consolidate or make my monthly payment of $404 more manageable just about daily since leaving school. I recently called Sallie Mae to request a copy of my Promissory note and disclosure. They sent me the applications I signed for each loan. It simply had the personal information I listed and the total amount. It had no interest rate or terms attached. I called and asked for a copy of the terms of the loan and they put me on hold before seemingly hanging up. I actually managed to find my promissory note and it had quite a few policies and terms listed. Nowhere however … Read entire article »

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