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HARP Loans For Underwater Homeowners To Refinance Into Lower Mortgage Rates

Article by Karan Agarwal For much of the past year, mortgage rates have been at or near record low points. Unfortunately, many homeowners have been unable to take advantage of these rates due to declining home equity. Many homes have lost significant amounts of value since the housing market peaked in 2006. As a result, many homeowners now owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth (this condition is known as being “underwater” or “upside-down” on one’s mortgage). Homeowners who lack equity in their homes are frequently unable to meet the loan-to-value (LTV) ratios required by lenders in order to refinance their mortgages. These borrowers may be missing out on thousands of dollars worth of savings. In response to this situation, the government created the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). … Read entire article »

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Can I just consolidate my credit card bills into one? Not a debt consolidation company..?

I would like to consolidate all of my credit card bills into ONE bill each month. I don’t want debt consolidation, I don’t want any stupid company that is going to take my money, I just want to be able to put all of my credit card bills into one big payment each month. Is there a company that isn’t going to take half of my payments each month to do this? … Read entire article »

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Is it possible to consolidate both federal and private student loans into one consolidation, or do I have to?

do it separately? … Read entire article »

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What happens to the renters when the house goes into foreclosure?

My friend moved into a rental home a few weeks ago. Today she was out in her front yard and the neighbor told her that the owners are in the process of foreclosure. She was not aware when she signed the lease and also put down a damage deposit. ♦What will happen when the house gets auctioned? ♦What will happen to her damage deposit? ♦Is she S.O.L or what are her rights? … Read entire article »

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What happens to stock if the company goes bankrupt but then comes back into business?

I have purchased some stock of CIT when it was $.30 . For about 3 months it went about and down in value and then eventually the company when bankrupt. Now its out of bankruptcy and the stock is work $29. I never sold or gave up my stock, so are they still something? … Read entire article »

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What does it mean to out something into receivership?

HELP!!!! … Read entire article »

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The canadian company I worked for went into receivership and didn’t make the last payroll.What do I do.?

What does receivership mean? … Read entire article »

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What do you think about Robert Reich idea of taking BP into Temporary Receivership?

He’s basically saying that the US government could take control over BP. … Read entire article »

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what does it mean when a company goes into receivership?

please explain the process and what generally happens. … Read entire article »

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Desklink into Receivership in Tredegar November 2010

A clip showing how the Desklink factory in Tafarnaubach, Tredegar, went into recievership. Please visit for more news and info on Tredegar, South Wales, UK … Read entire article »

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RMR: Olympic Village Goes into Receivership

Condos to join esteemed company. … Read entire article »

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