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Getting To Know The 1099 Form

Article by Paul Wise Did you know that the 1099 Form comes in, well, many forms? It’s likely that, most people wouldn’t have, if they even know what a 1099 is! All things considered, the vast greater part of folks in the country simply don’t have to deal with it whatsoever, so it wouldn’t be surprising that they not only didn’t know that the form can take, uh, many forms but, also, that such a form exists in the first place! Before getting to that, we may recognize our great government to be genuinely suspicious of everyone’s activities due to former problems, but the largest laws remains which is the aforementioned forms. There are many distinctive types of forms with their own unique surveys. Some could find filling out applications to be … Read entire article »

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Does anyone know the penalties of defaulting on a student loan?

I was wondering if anyone knew what the penalties were of defaulting on a student loan. My loans have changed hands so many times and I’ve tried consolidation and all that seems to do is get me in more hot water. The other day I was sent a letter stating that I was about to default on a loan and that I would be subject to litigation. How much jail/prison time is involved? I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care anymore. I mean suing someone for not having money is stupid, but our justice system lets it happen all the time. … Read entire article »

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Does anyone know of any debt relief programs that are legal and won’t rip me off?

My income has been cut I’m not behind yet but I’m anticipating being that way in a few months. Anyone ever heard of The Palmer Firm, they are claiming to cut my credit card debt from $11061 to $7000 in 28 months with monthly payments of $257. I called credit solutions but they dont deal with the state of Georgia. Any help will be appreciated. … Read entire article »

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After Foreclosure: 6 Things To Know

What Happens After Foreclosure? Six things you’ll want to know. For more information about foreclosures go to my or email me at … Read entire article »

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what are the guide lines one needs to know be for refinancing a mortgage?

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Did you know after the communist took control of Russia they raped and murdered millions of Nuns and Priests?

The Communist tried to take control of Russia for sixty years. When they finally got their world war that they had planned for so long they set about killing the intelligentsia of Russia. They systemtically killed millions of scientist, doctors, generals, professors and anyone who could have lead the Russian people to take their country back from the communist. The Jews even said the same thing happened to them during WWI. They said they were gassed and made into soap, but recanted all those lies after a couple years. This is a fact! The World Wars were financed by the Jews and they made billions from these wars. So would you agree that even if this holocaust they keep harping about were would you say that they deserve anything that … Read entire article »

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Does anyone know of a legitimate debt management/consolidation company?

We are in debt and I don’t want to file bankruptcy. After all I created the debt so I should pay it, but I also do not want to keep paying the minimum amount due for the rest of my life. I’m thinking of trying credit counseling and debt consolidation. Does anyone know of a good company? I tried my local credit counseling center that is through the government and they were rude and inattentive. I am in the United States. Thanks for the advice. … Read entire article »

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Does anyone know of a student loan company that does spousal consolidation?

We know the downside of – if one of us dies the other is responsible for the loan – but we both have such high interest rates and would love to consolidate before they go up again. We are trying to simplify our finances and reap the benefits of smaller payments… … Read entire article »

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Does anyone know any company who does outsourcing for Debt Consolidation?

I’m looking for a company who can do the debt consolidation for my customers … Read entire article »

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Does anyone know how to find companies under Administration or Receivership in Australia?

I am looking for business opportunites, sometimes you can reconstructure the company and buy assets cheap. … Read entire article »

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Private Student Loan consolidation. Does any 1 know who still does this? most of the listings on google say no?

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