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What happens to tenant if landlord is going through a foreclosure?

If tenant is in a 12 month lease and in month 4 the foreclosure proceedings begin, what happens to the tenant? Do they have to move out? How long does the process take? This is in CA. What about during the actual foreclosure proceedings? Will the bank start sending people over to tell tenant to move out or make them sign papers or get access or whatever? … Read entire article »

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if my commercial landlord goes into receivership can I renegotiate a new lease with the new landlord?

I signed a 10 yr lease with my landlord regarding a commercial property. However they have just gone into receivership. Does this mean I can renegotiate a new lease when the next landlord is appointed? I am now paying all monies to the administrator until further notice, but need to know if the previous lease is now null and void? … Read entire article »

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Landlord Tenant Law: Part 1of 3 [LegalHelp.Org - Pro Se Legal Resources]

Landlord Tenant Law: Part 1of 3 [LegalHelp.Org - Pro Se Legal Resources] :::Please visit to view our full library. ::: Most videos are 40 min.+ long. All shows are very informative with solution that you can use immediately from a library of 25 shows on various legal topics. Additional American Pro Se Association television show videos are being encoded on various topics as time permits on a volunteer basis. — Roj Prasad … Read entire article »

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Help! The apartment that I recently move to is now on foreclosure. Can i end contract with landlord?

I live in Aventura,FL and I been in this apartment since May, my second month here I got served with papers from her bank. I spoke to landlord and she said she was working things out, even so I kept getting letters from her bank and lawyers, and just 3 days ago I got a letter from the court WITH MY NAME stating that this apartment is on the process of foreclosure. I just would like to know if I could move out without getting into any legal trouble. Could i ask landlord if she would consider ending my contract? I just cant deal with this. … Read entire article »

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What will happen now my landlord lost house to foreclosure?

My landlord went to foreclosure without evicting us. The bank tried to auction the house today, but got no bids. The title reverted to the bank. What can I expect to happen next? I worry about coming home to find the locks changed, all our stuff seized. The landlord won’t take any calls and hasn’t for a month. What about our security deposit? Don’t I have to be given an eviction notice, or am I just out of luck? … Read entire article »

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What happens to the leasee when the landlord files foreclosure in NYS?

I own a business and rent an apartment from the same landlord, same property. The lease is for 10 years on the business and another 6 months on the apartment. She is now filing foreclosure. Does the bank take over? Will I come home and find padlocks on my doors? Please only serious answers. … Read entire article »

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Do I need to keep paying rent when my landlord is going into a foreclosure?

My landlord has not been paying his mortgage in the last 6 month (while i was religiously paying him my rent) now the bank’s attorney is claiming a foreclosure. My landlord is asking me to keep paying the rent… should I pay him, even if they can throw me away anytime? we know he is not gonna pay the bank, he is out of the country and can’t come back anytime soon. What should I do? … Read entire article »

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We are under a land contract for our home. What can we do if our landlord is facing foreclosure?

I checked out our address on but it says that it has no records of our home going into foreclosure. However, we have received many letters and postcards that state they can help save our home and that courthouse records show that we are at risk of losing our home. We are under land contract to purchase the home. If our landlord forecloses the home is he obligated to refund our down payment? What are our rights? … Read entire article »

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Landlord Tenant Law

This is another seminar in the, “Access to Justice” series, presented by local attorneys and sponsored by the Nevada County Superior Court Public Law Center. If you would like to be notified, attend, or suggest an Access to Justice seminar topic email: The Law Library is open 9:30a.m.- 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday; closed weekends and holidays. The Law Librarian is available 9:30 am- 2:00 pm, Monday-Friday. The telephone/fax number is (530) 265-2918. E-mail: … Read entire article »

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