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Liberals: you want to admit Bush did good job with North Korea?

Lead story from Yahoo: “N.Korea agrees to disable nuclear program in 2007 North Korea’s lead nuclear negotiator Kim Kye-gwan leaves a hotel in Geneva, September 2, 2007. North Korea agreed in weekend talks with the United States to fully account for and disable its nuclear programs by the end of this year, negotiators said on Sunday.” So, my “Liberal” (supposedly fair, open minded) friends, can you admit for once Bush got it right? (and I won’t harp on the fact that Clinton got bamboozled). Everyone should notice VAUGHN’s answer. She’s fair minded. “That_Guy_Over_There”: Bush did exactly the OPPOSITE of what the Dems wanted him to do. They kept insisting that bilateral talks were the only solution. Bush was too clever to fall into that trap. He knew it … Read entire article »

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Liberals, Why is Your President Exactly Like George W Bush? Why Did you Vote For Bush a 3rd Time?

Why is Obama Exactly Like George W Bush in Every Way? I know this is a long question. If you don’t want to read it all, just read the list at the bottom. Democrats, I asked this question yesterday and a bunch of cons answered in defense of their great former leader, with derogatory statements about Obama, but nothing about Bush. They seem to be able to offer no defense of The Great One who led them into oblivion. They apparently can’t read the statement of facts, or are revisionists and just choose to say anything against Obama. I ask you to study the list, and see if you can find one item that is incorrect about Mr. Bush. I’m sure I’ll get some fan mail from the neos for … Read entire article »

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why do liberals love trains?

is it because they go woo woo? trains will still not end traffic congestions with cars read the link college,its a wonder your below average its funny democrats only support since gas is going up,maybe that is the reason why gas is going up … Read entire article »

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Is this the reason liberals love trains so much?

George Will makes the case that the real reason for progressives’ passion for trains is their goal of diminishing Americans’ individualism in order to make them more amenable to socialism Time was, the progressive cry was “Workers of the world unite!” or “Power to the people!” Now it is less resonant: “All aboard!” … Read entire article »

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Why have liberals forgotten that it was liberal affordable housing policies that caused the mortgage meltdown?

The banks didn’t lend money to people who couldn’t pay it back until laws enacted by liberals like Barney Frank, et al., made it a requirement. Fannie and Freddie were used by the liberals to make it profitable…until it wasn’t. Remember, the “great recession” was caused by mortgages, not by the banks, and not by any policy of the Bush administration. And the mortgage insolvency was the fault of the US government. Period. … Read entire article »

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Liberals, can you define “insolvency”, as it pertains to the Federal government?

AND, IF, the government is insolvent, what should be done? Gee Wally: We also owe black people 40 acres and a mule! So, what’s your point? Diddy: Thank you for being an honest/typical liberal. Louis: So, the government needs MORE money? That is your answer? (rolling eyes) … Read entire article »

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Liberals: why are Social Security and Medicare always on the brink of insolvency–nice job, what’s next?

Obamacare? I thought all of these programs were supposed to pay for themselves. … Read entire article »

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